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philly cheese steak fatty?

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Gonna try my hand at my first fatty tomorrow with a side of baby backs. I was thinking of going with a philly cheese steak theme. thin slicing some venison backstrap and sauteeing it with some onions, mushrooms, and some worcestershire sauce. then putting some provolone or mozarella cheese down on the sausage and wrapping it all up. You guys think thatd be a good combo or what? I'll post pics up tomorrow as the process unfolds.

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Sounds good to me. the fun part is just inventing new ones

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yea, I kind of like to try my own thing. the ones on the site look really good, but I would rather not do the exact same thing as someone else. although I'm sure someone has already tried it. hopefully it turns out good. I'll post pics up tomorrow

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I certainly like the idea!  I love a good Philly cheese steak sandwich and fatty's too so the two ought to be quite, what's the word, awesome!  Can't wait for the Qview!

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Sounds perfect!!!!!

As long as you use one or both of the cheeses you mentioned----NOT the "Cheese-whiz" crap!"


Been eating Cheese Steaks all of my life.



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Here Here on the Cheese Whiz! So nasty!

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I say don't use the cheeses wiz after all that's not the Geno's way. The fattie is just the vessal for all that you would like to put into it. What you stuff it with is completely up to you. Thatis one of the great things about it too. Other then it taste really good.

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you never have to worry about me using cheese whiz. and without further ado here are some Qview for your viewing pleasure.

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also threw on some babybacks and what was left of the backstrap after making my philly filling for the fatty(say that 5 times really fast). I mixed my own rub, so we will see how it goes. I'm gonna take some finish pics when everything gets done. I didn't have any pics of the backstrap but heres the ribs.IMG_0279.jpg

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I did something similar. Used some thin sliced sirloin steak with sauted onions and mushrooms,cheddar cheese and some jalapeno slices. all lovingly wrapped in lean ground beef and then bacon.


Here's the link;  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/forum/thread/94630/fattie-in-honour-of-the-new-format


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Lookin' good there, FFT !!




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It's all done. Everything came out looking great. The parents said it tastes excellent. So not too bad for a first round go. I'm trying to get some Qview posted up but I'm having problems importing the photos on the computer.

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The final product. Can't wait to try my hand at another fatty. May wait till I can eat again before I make another one though. It's torture not being able to try it

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I would have had the Pliers out trying to take the wires off...LOL!! That looks Great, I don't see how you do it not being able to eat such a mouth watering creation. Kudos to you Sir!!

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well, Im not wired shut, but im still sore and swollen. Right now its not that hard to resist cuz being sore I really don't have the desire to eat. But come middle of next week when theres no pain and no swelling and I still have 6-7 weeks before I can chew anything, thats when its going to get really bad

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That is gorgeous! I like the way you roll out your sausage in the baggie, I'm gonna borrow that idea! Very nice and I also love the weave!

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it came out really good for the first time. the only problem was that the bacon had a narrow area in the middle which left a few gaps in the weave but all in all, I was satisfied for a first go around.


the philly part was made with venison backstrap(thinly sliced and seasoned with worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, red pepper, garlic powder and onion powder) onions, bell pepper, and mushrooms all sauteed with a lil worcestershire and butter for flavor. then I used some of my homemade venison breakfast sausage to roll it up in. with 4 slices of sargento provolone cheese in the middle.

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Awesome FFT !!!    I'd give you points, if I knew how--------->>




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Well I hope you have a speedy recovery so you can enjoy some of that great food!!

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