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I have three well established rows of raspberry plants that produce well every year.  It seems that for some reason this spring they are inundated with weeds.  I use grass cliipings between the rows whcih keeps the rows open enough to walk down them to harvest berries, but I am worried that the weeds will affect our harvest later this summer.  Is there any way to deal with the weeds, short of non-stop pulling them? 

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well you need to stop putting grass clippings in the rows cuz thats just adding grass seeds all around the bases of your bushes. you need to weed them one good time and use either mulch or pine straw to keep the weeds choked out. once it rots down some, just pull the few growing and add more straw or mulch


around our blueberry bushes we actually dig the depth of the grass in a circle radius around the bush, about the width of the limbs and then once we get it down to the dirt, we put a cup of 13-13-13 fertilizer and fill the circle with straw.

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