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How many does it feed?

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My parents want me to smoke some pulled pork for a family picnic in June.  I am up for it, but I am still a smoking newb.  For those of you with much more experience, how many people does a pork shoulder butt feed?  Do ou get 4-6 sandwiches per pound?  I smoked some before, and the butt was 5.7 lbs.  After removing the bone, pulling the meat and removing the left over fat, I had about 2.2 lbs of edible meat.  I am probobly goign to be feeding about 20 people.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Figure on getting about 50% meat from the raw weight. Commercial guys figure a 1/4 lb per sandwich but I figure 1/3 lb per sandwich. So if each person ate 1 sandwich that would be about 7 lbs of pulled pork so 14 lbs of butt. Now how many people are only going to eat one sandwich?? Remember leftover pulled pork freezes well so make plenty. the other thing you could do is get some real love by letting people take a little dogie bag home with them.

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Thanks for the help!

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No problem thats what we're here for. Have you figured out sides that will help determine how many sandwiches each person is gonna eat

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I am only in charge of the meat.  The sides will be to bring a dish to pass.

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Yes sir, Jerry told ya just right.  Just how I figure mine to.  Good luck.


Now if yall wanna make it ahead ya can an freeze it.  It is just as good.  Put it in zip bags fer short term storage an inta a pot a near boilin water to thaw an reheat ta over 140°.


If it starts ta dry on ya a bit durin servin ya can add some apple juice er apple cider.  Course ya can save that golden juice from smokin an defat it an use that to!  To defat it, put it in a mason jar an inta the ice box till the fat comes ta the top an scrape it off.

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