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Lang Modifications Question

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I love my new lang and the doors seal very very well.


I, however do not like how tight they close on my temp probes. I am 99% sure I have already damaged my food probe. BTW Maverick ET-73


So my question is, has any one made any modifications to get their probes in the chamber? or has anyone purchased the 6 foot probes and tried running in thru the drain valve.


Just looking for the best ideas so I don't have to buy new probes every smoke.


Thanks for any suggestions

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Try shutting it with the latch down thus allowing it to not close quite all the way. I do this and I find it works well and doesn't affect temps or smoke

post #3 of 5, I drilled a 1/4 inch hole half way between the bottom of the door and the top of the grate, make sure you deburr both sides of the hole with a file or countersink to protect the cables, it works great!, I can fit 2 cables through it.



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Looks like I will have to work on that new picture thing

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MY high tech solution was to fold a piece of foil into about a quarter inch strip.  Bend it over the lower lip of the opening where the door closes and run your leads on each side of the strip.  The small gap won't let your leads crimp and I have never had a problem with significant smoke loss.

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