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Shelf Material

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I have a NB SFB. The front boards are warped and need to be replaced. I was thinking about using a piece of Trex ( Non - wood ) decking material. Has anyone used this material before? Would it get to hot and warp?





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As long as the decking material was not too close to the firebox, I don't think there would be a problem.  The temps around the cook chamber aren't so hot that they will melt/warp.  Just keep about at least a 1 inch space between the cook chamber and the deck material.  I assume this is left over / free material; if so, then no great loss if it does fail, right?

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Not free material that's why I was asking. I don't want to buy a $20 board if it's going to warp. Maybe I can find a free piece.

Thanks, Mike

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