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The General

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I started this build thread some time ago over in "Wood Smokers".  Had some family issues that delayed the project. Now we have finished everything but the paint and I should be able to do that tomorrow.  The smoker is a 175 gal propane tank with two 4" stainless smoke stacks that I got like that for $100. I got the trailer in a trade that cost me $60 bucks. Got the firebox for nothing but had to buy some expanded metal and various steel pieces to finish. Got the stainless rear "bumper guard" at the dump for nothing. Bought new 6 ply tires. All told, I have about $400 bucks in the whole thing. I will be cooking Bubba food until I die.


The General and Bubba, the senior welder.


This is The General and Bubba, Senior Welder and engineer.




Fire Box


Found the firebox at the scrap yard.  It is a 1/4", former vertical smoker. 






Interior of firebox showing grate and the 6 in. square heat transfer pipes.




Air Intake pipe


Used 1/2 in steel for the 3' intake covers.  Gorilla Welding.....It's UGLY but it's STRONG!




Smoker Racks


Four racks cover entire smoker area.






Red Cedar Counter top


1 x 12 removable Red Cedar



Folding table


Table folds down and legs fold in. "Handles" are for hanging towels.




The General


Will post the finished painted pictures when done.


Thanks for everyone's encouragement and inspiration.

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Here are the pics after paint during the 'burn in'........4 butts going on this beast tomorrow!!  





Burn in at 450....





Looking good, ready to roll.....found some 6 ply 8 inch tires that should hold it up.




Thanks for looking,


Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

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Looks real good all painted!! Good job!

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The General is looking good. Cant wait to see the Qview.

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Very nice rig...make sure we get the Qview....curious to see how the double stacks works out.

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That is a VERY nice rig!!!! I would love to have that. And you don't have much into it all things considered. Congrats. I can't wait to see you pumping out the Qview for us.

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Posted the first Q-Vue over on the Wood Smoker forum.


Thanks for the compliments.  My wife finally understands.  

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Looking real good !!! Those double stainless stack are nice, but going to be interesting; I 'm wondering if you will have to plug one to keep a steady heat. Look forward to hearing how it works for you and seeing some Q View.

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Man thats one nice looking smoker you have there. Now I wish I could build something like that. But I'm sure you will have a ton of good smokes on that thing. Then you did a great job on the paint job too.

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That is a beautiful smoker that you have there.

let's start smoking

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nice job!

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