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Even cooking across the grate ?

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I've had all my smoking experience on my GOSM and Smoke Vault.  


I'll be starting my UDS build this weekend.  I am already anticipating 3 racks of ribs on its first run.  I understand the center of the grate will be 35-40 degrees hotter than the outer edges of the grate.  If I lay the ribs on the grate, is there a particular figuration that I lay them down? 


I prefer not to foil (if that helps).  

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I was going to put 6 slabs of spares on tonight but with work today and a grad tomorrow I am going to wait until Saturday. I should have qview up by mid to late afternoon Saturday. Not sure if I can swing 3 spares per shelf, I don't think so. Probably 3 shelves of 2 each, since I have a high dome lid. I will try to get a pic of the ribs on the grate the way they are when they are cooking.


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Thanks Tom,


Looking forward to your Q-views and your take on how to adjust for the higher temps in the center portion of the grate.  I have read of some people putting a baffle in the drum just above the fire basket to even out temps across the grate. 

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I use a diffuser plate, works great.. keeps the temps even, no flare ups and easy cleaning. Here is the post of what I did.

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Ah...Ha !!!! Thanks for the reference there mmmMeat.  Were you able to get temperature readings across the grate to show less then the 35-40 degree discrepancy between the center of the rack and the outer edges?  Do you remember the numbers?


I'll also be looking forward to Tom's post and Q-views.  Thanks All

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I run a thermometer on my left side, and I drop one down the center of my lid to get middle temps, they both keep within a few degrees of each other.

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imo the temp differences dont cause any problem or anything, maybe put the bigger peice of meat in the center.

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