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Poll Results: What do you think about the new platform?

  • 16% (20)
    It's ok
  • 33% (42)
    I love it
  • 19% (24)
    I don't like it at all
  • 31% (39)
    I'm not sure yet.. I'll let you know later
125 Total Votes  
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Looking good so far Jeff, I love it.

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It looks OK, but I'll reserve final judgement until I get used to the new format.

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Hey Jeff ( Brian or Jerry or etc...)  I hit the return to classic view to try it out... But i cant seem to find where i click to back to the first way??

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So far so good. I'll have to give a better test drive when I get home!

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I'm not sure yet...give me time to learn it a bit.  Just a shock to the system that is all.


My programmer at work posted a saying "Everyone wants improvement, no one wants change."   <---may well be good words to remember.

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Thanks for a reasonable reply, it will take a little time for all of us to get comfortable.

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I voted, I'll let ya know in a few days. Not sure yet.

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I like it so far - look and feel is nice! I like the process to upload images. However, I clicked the horizontal line tool by mistake and my image didn't show up under it. I had to move the image above the line and remove the title and then it showed up. Is there any info on posting images in the new format or any tips/tricks?

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I'm just looking for familiar landmarks from the old site on this new platform.  Looks like it'll be ok of me.  I should read the tutorial(s). 

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Was curious about Huddler and now a bit more curious from their home page:


The Huddler Platform boasts a modern aesthetic, elegantly integrated wikis, product reviews, deep user profiling, and a lot more.


What does deep user profiling mean, it sounds like Huddler is some sort of marketing company providing a forum front end to collect information?  Can someone clarify for me?

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I love it!  I read wayyyyyyy more then I post.  The look of the site is allot easier on the eyes 

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I'm gonna give it a I Love it.


I have today off and have spent most of the morning poking and playing around and I really like what I see. I am somewhat of a computer dummy, so it may take me a lil bit to learn the in's and out's but I am sure I will be more than happy with it once I get used to it. I adapt easy


Thanks to Jeff and all the testers who made this all possible

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I love it, the only thing I am not fond of ( and has been mentioned already ) is if I click mark all forums read, then click new posts it still shows all the posts from the first time I clicked on new posts.  Old forum would let me clear everything so I could follow the topics that post while I am online.


All in all 3 thumbs up!

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New Platform - What do you think?

I love it! The only problem I'm having is my pictures are not showing up, before, when I'd preview it would show the pictures and now it's only showing the IMG link. So, I'm not sure if they are going to show up or not so I haven't posted anything. I'll keep searching for some info, but thanks guys looks great!

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I am beginning to like this new platform.  Will all the posts and  Q-views be sized automatically  to fit a standard screen fromat so that we do not have HUGE Posts?

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So far so good.  The wiki is a awesome addition.

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Gonna take some time getting used to how to navigate, but so far it looks great!

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Not bad so far, gonna take a little bit of time to find everything and learn to navigate well. But hats off to Jeff and the admins for getting it done in a timely manner, and with very few bumps.

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so far so god

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Not as hard to learnt as I thought it would be

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