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Thighs and Legs

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i havn't done a qview in a while and was craving some more chicken after a smoke last week so it was the perfect time. thighs again and trying legs. i've never smoked legs before, not sure if they cook faster or slower. i'm just throwing them on at same time and will find out i guess.
here they are rubbed and ready to go.

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Those are my two favorite parts of the chicken
kepp up posted
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flipped them after about 30mins
they're coming right along

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sauced after another 30
round about 30 more minutes and i get to eat, guess i better start thinking of what to eat with it

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i had to eat some first but, here are the results

plated up

it tasted great, i still like thighs the most though. now i get to have cold chicken the next few days biggrin.gif
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Those look pretty durn good, quiet tho. I don't want the wife to hear, she really likes smoked chicken and I didn't do any this weekend.
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