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Smoked turkey breast and hot wings!

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It's another fine day, albeit hot and humid as heck, but a good day for smoking! I got my hiney up early this morning and fired up the smoker. Then I took these two little gems out and tossedem' on:

So I ripped open the packages, removed the inner cloth netting and I found out something real special. I'm using my whispering voice because I don't think the folks who make these little babies want us to know this. You see, these are not really turkey breasts, per se and I would have never known this if I had bothered to read the instructions that clearly say DO NOT REMOVE CLOTH NETTING. So I removed it and about 50 pieces of turkey breast fell out. My jaw dropped and I began shoving it all back in the netting. What have I done! For the shame of it all! Read the instructions next time!!!!! So, I managed to get it all back inside and it no longer resembled the other "turkey breast" yea, wink, wink. Now I have a fake turkey breast and something that resembles a giant turd, all tapered and stuff. Ok. Moving on. I also grabbed a bunch of these:

Here's everybody cooking right along, minding their own business. I did mix up some maple syrup and some maple flavoring and brushed it on the turkey a few times. It didn't take very long to cook, about 3 hours maybe, I didn't really pay that much attention. I cooked the breasts to 158F, tented and the temp rose to 165F. The wings, well, I had something special in store for them. Just you wait and see!

Notice the turkey breast left, foreground, yea, that one, the doodie hootie. LOL! I just thought of that, I swear. So, I pulled off the wings when they were not quite done, what? you say, undercooked chicken? She's trying to kill us all! Hold on to your drawers. I did some fancy cutting on the wings, fired up a pot of oil and did this:

No she didn't! Yes, she did. She breaded half smoked chicken wings that have been cut in a fancy sorta hot wing style and dropped them in here:

Then, I melted some butter (alot of butter) and added some hot sauce like so:

AND THEN, great timaday, I can't stand it no mo!

Back to the hooties, So they are now done and I sliced in to one:

That's just so lovely, I didn't know all them pieces and parts were gonna hold together like magic after it was cooked! Those sly little marketing people! Then I made myself a jam up and jelly tight sammich. I remembered that six weeks ago today, I made this:

So, then I fried some bacon, took out some yummy whole wheat bread I made yesterday and started the assembly. It goes like this, dijon mustard, layers of yummy turkey, shaved aged baby swiss, heirloom tomatoes, pickles, bacon, sauerkraut and spicey mayo. I ate it all, and then fainted dead away. The end.
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Great looking sammie,I gotta try wings like that sometime. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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you made your own kraut!!! newfound respectPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif, make my own as well and there aint no boughten that beats it in my opinion... dam i love your posts!!!points.gif
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dang girl, you sure have jumped right in. nicely done. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

i may have missed it, but what kind of smoker/fuel are you using?
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Pineywoods and I were in chat one night and we were talking turkey... lol, he was going to deep fry some... so me i say why doncha smoke em some first and Piney being the dude he is volenteers to give it a shot... love the name he come up with still. Cheryl, those wings you made, they were "Smo-fried"!!!
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Great smokes, as always, Cheryl. The commentary has me LOL! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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You sure do have some great posts, great pics and commentary haha, so how did the wings taste like that? What are you smoking on?
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Wow excellent job that had to be good
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OMG, those wangs look AWESOME!

Your posts are always a hoot, but please tell us what temps you're smoking at, what woods you're using, and what IT you're pulling at next time. PLEASE!?

Also, I'm still waiting on a recipe for that chocolate cake. tongue.gif
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Damn Cheryl! Cowgirl better watch her back.... you keep coming up with grub like that and you are gonna give her a run for her money! biggrin.gif

Hats of to you for that awesome looking Sammy!
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Hey you guys! Thanks! And stop asking so many daggum questions! Durnnit. What temp? Hot. Okay. It's just hot in there. I don't have a clue what temp, but low and slow. LOL. I do need to get a thermo for my cheap Brinkman. You know it has one of those little dials that says stuff like "Ideal" how the heck do you know what is "ideal"? Also, I used apple wood. Why? cuz it's free! There's a golf course I frequent and I steal the wood. Not really, they let me have some as long as I bring them food.
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MM - what's IT mean? see above post about temp and wood. I cooked the turkey to 158F. You guys are just too darn technical for me. I'm just a silly little blonde girl. Oh yea. I forgot all about that chocolate cake! I'll pm you the recipe! It's yummo!
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IT means internal temp, hell im still learning half of the abbreviations on here
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