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Smoked wings and alot of other stuff

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since the meat is yard bird i'll post it here.
started w/ 15 lbs of wings brined in tips brine recipe w/ 1 tsp old bay and 1 tsp cu-min added.

Brined for 4 hours and on to the MES over pecan and apple chips.

Smoked to 165 then under the broiler to crisp the skin.

made my fire sauce for the wings, 1 stick butter - 1/2 cup texas pete hot sauce and 1/2 tsp daves insanity. (This stuff will melt ya fillings)
tossed and served.

Also smoked some seasoned yella squash and a nice pan of mac and shells to go w/ the wings.

heres the shells and cheese

Today was a great smoke and everything came together like it should. Thanks for looking.
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Eman, dude, we were on the same page today! I also made wings. I'm loving those shells and cheese! Yummolina! I'll trade you some of my sauerkraut for just a bite of that cheesey goodness!
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I'll send ya some shells an cheese but i'm not into kraut.
nasty stuff IMO.
have tried 4 or 5 different recipes and still aint into sour cabbage
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Looks like a good day for wings. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks great bob
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Wings look great.
How did you make the mac and cheese?

As for cabbage take a head and cut the top some so it will set up, ct out heart, sit cabbage on large piece of foil big enough to wrap whole cabbage, rub outside with butter and apply favorite steak seasoning, crush up 2 beef boulin cubes and put half of it in the hole where the heart was then stuff a stick of butter in and top with the rest of the boulin. Wrap leaving top open to vent steam smoke 250Ā° until getting tender, you can open up the foil a little more to get more smoke to it towards the end of the cook.
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Looks great and bet it tasted even better
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very nice smoke it all looks good
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You have to love them wings. I do and the mac and cheeses looks awesome too.
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Mac and cheese is just boiled noodles and 4 cheeseĀ  blend stired into to the noodles w/ some milk . then smoked

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