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***The new platform and a little info***

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Some of us have been testing a trial version of SMF on the Huddler platform for a week or so. While we have found a few glitches Huddler has been quick to address them. They transfered data from here for us to use in the sandbox version and we did not loose any data in the transfer. Our avatars and account info was transfered just fine as were all the threads and PM's. Signature lines are different there and may appear different there, pics are not allowed in signature lines on the Huddler platform but that may change in the future. We all know stuff can go wrong with any move but we feel good about it based on what we have already seen. We know change can be scary but after we have tested the platform we are excited about the change. Will we like every bit of the change probably not but the benefits far outweigh the negatives in our opinion. If when we get there you find something that doesn't work or you have a question let us know. Before you hate the new platform give it a chance and see how much better it will be. Change can be good or bad and we feel this is a good change give it a chance.
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Well I'm actually excited about it, and I'm looking forward to having a wiki. I'm hoping that you'll let us have some off-topic threads where we can discuss music, movies, and maybe even politics (GASP!). Many of us have similar interests, and it's fun to share them.
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Bring on the change, it's the only constant in the universe.

Or so I tell myself when I'm frustrated with the change in my office to electronic medical records icon_rolleyes.gif
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There are some really great things with the new platform. Vbulletin has been great but Huddler takes this to a different level. We have had about 15 people testing it for the last week working out bugs and so far all the feed back has been pretty good.
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Will We Have Chat???
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For now it will not be the same program but YES there is chat. You will go here http://www.chatzy.com/265566000245

Its a solution that will get us by for now.
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Looking forward to the new digs! I hope people do give it some time before they complain, and I hope even more that they address their concerns (if any) the proper way...whcih is?????

Should questions or concerns arise - how would you like us to handle it? wide open on a thread or thru private pm's to the chiefs? Just curious. I'm ready with some q-view for the new site!
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You can use private message or just post the question in a thread. Some times the testers can help answer the questions too.
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We will start a feedback thread and you will be able to post all feedback. We want to hear exactly what you think but keep it constructive.

In other words.. I don't want to hear, "I hate this new platform". I want to hear, I don't like {fill in your own answer here} but this is how I think it could be better.

Don't be critical, be helpful.

There is no way we are going to please everyone. You can't and I can't. Fact of life.

One thing I don't want to hear anyone complaining about is the ads. If you don't like the ads just become a premier member and you will be able to turn off the ads in your profile. Really simple.

If you don't like something let us know but be kind and civil about it.

I think all of you know how to do that.. Right????icon_mrgreen.gif

It's been said but I'll say it again.. if you think something is missing or something is not right with your profile, etc. just let us know and give us a little time to fix it. I don't plan on anything like that happening but I learned a long time ago to NEVER say NEVER.

I really think it's going to be an exciting adventure.
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I re-did my membership today for 3 years this time but not sure i want to shut off the ads but hey I'll have the option this way
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Should we delete our links to our sig pics ahead of time?
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And, what about our OTBS graphics?
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OTBS graphics won't be available in the sig line, however there will be something under your user name that will denote your OTBS membership.
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We don't need to do that Pops
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It's gonna be soooooooooo much EASIER to find recipes and procedures with the wiki! I hope that everyone spends some time filling it up with their favorites. I know that I will! smile.gif
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The sand box is going to be a fun placePDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
I did not get to spend alot of time in the testing and will need to learn a little more on the different links.
posting pic,wiki's ecticon_redface.gif
lets go playbiggrin.gif
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I'm fired up for the new format!

I'm still hoping I'll get to smoke something tonight and have something to post on the new forum.

Maybe we can have a link at the top of the page for feedback...nice and big like you guys have right now for the changes to the forum.

I'm just hoping it comes with a scratch, sniff and taste feature for the QView.
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Our monitors wouldn't live past Memorial Day weekend. It would give new meaning to Cat Scratch Fever...
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So true!

My wife would probably think I've finally gone off the deep end.
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looking forward to the new venue!
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