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Glad you are doing better, heal well

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Good to see ya back on the horse and made it through the backdraft.

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Glad to hear you are doing better and the recovery is giong well. Hope your smoke tomorrow is awesome!!

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Originally Posted by Buck Futta View Post

Doing much better everyone, I took the bandages off yesterday. A little scabbing on my ring finger, which was one of the more nasty parts of the burn. Made it through the healing process with no infection and didn’t even have to use all my painkillers.


I’ll be back on the pit tomorrow, smoking up a turkey, a fatty, and some brats for my little brother’s high school grad party. I even picked up some welding gloves today so I can reach into the fire pit if needed without my pink wussy arms burning… Gotta get some sun on my skin! The doc says there should be very little scarring, a little on my knuckle. After 14-years in and out of the food service business I have plenty of scars on these hands so I’m not too worried about my future of being a “Hand Model”.


Wish me luck and an explosion free day! I’ll show those BBQ Gods whose boss!

First of all, I am glad to hear that you are doing much better & that your spirits are high.  Now for some semi-tough love.  Do yourself a favor man & get a chimney starter & LOSE that lighter fluid.  You don't wanna taste that on your fine smokes anyway.  Be careful & really, Good Luck!!!

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Boy, that was a quick bounce-back!!  Glad to hear that!


I also agree with Cavey. I used lighter fluid for many years, used to squirt it into partially lit coals all the time. Then I bought a chimney starter----Works Great!------Gave my left over lighter fluid away.


I learned in cabinet making, chainsaw carving, driving, and many other places, every now and then we need a close call, a wake-up call, to keep us from a serious or fatal happening. You just had one, and if others are wise, they will borrow your wake-up call as one of their own.


I know, I know--------"Yes Mother Bear, we hear you".





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Man it was hot here in Omaha yesterday! Great day for a graduation party I must say, just wish it hadn’t rained all night long it was so thick! I think it was 88F, 80% humidity and a heat index of 96F or something! O.o


You’re right Bearcarver, I need to get a chimney or two. I was nice and careful and lit the charcoal right the first time, works so much better that way!


My dad smoked a brisket in his GOSM that turned out pretty good. For once I was feeling pretty proud with so many of my folk’s friends complimenting my turkey. I can’t count how many times I heard someone walk up to my mother or father saying “Wow, that’s some great turkey! Was the recipe difficult?” Then point at me, “talk to the guy with the burnt arms, he made it” they’d say. I think there were about 75 people there throughout the day. I did a 15 pound Turkey, 48 Brats from the local butcher (jalapeno cheese, deluxe apple, chorizo and Hawaiian sausages) and 10 pounds of the butcher’s famous baked beans. Needless to say I brought 4 brats and a handful of turkey home before the vulchers could devour everything! And that was with all sorts of other food to choose from, I may not be a chef like my old man nor half the cook my mom is… I guess still waters run deep you could say.


I’ll try and get some pictures up in the poultry section, though I didn’t get enough for a full on qview. But the brine and injection I whipped up was great though… Maybe I’ll post the recipes!

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I am heading out to the garage now to give my charcoal chimney starter a hug. I remember my old lighter fluid days. Glad none of them were that rough.

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glad to hear you doing great .............bob



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