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Dang, I'm glad your ok. I quit using fluid and use the chimney. This should be a sticky. Mods maybe you can make a safety section.
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PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif.... damn that 20/20 hindsite!
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I use a chimney and eletric together.
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ouch ouch ouch!

I did something really stupid last year and wound up with my arm and head briefly in a fireball. Luckily I got out of it with only a little bit of singed hair and some 1st degree burns - but it was my wakeup call about how quickly things can go from fine to "oh crap".

Wishing you a speedy recovery!
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Here's hoping you a speedy recovery and thanks for the costly reminder to all of us that we are playing with fire that can and will bite us bad if we let our guard down for one second. Gook luck my smoking brother.
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I have deleted the comments that were not well restrained.. most of us were not thinking anything other than.. "OUCH, I bet that hurts. Poor guy!! I hope he gets better quick."

I hope you get better quick and have plenty of pain meds at your beckoning call.PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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I never really liked lighter fluids and suggest that those here who use charcoal look into a chimney starter instead.......one of the best tools you can invest on.

I hope you heal up really quick.......burns suck!
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Thank You Jeff.

Ya know we have all had misfortunes whether it be we did something to cause the bad moment or if it was just a freak deal. No matter what the cause we really don't need to hear the less then restrained comments. If I was in Futta's shoes I would already be pretty down on myself for letting it happen.

Just my two cents.
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Thanks Jeff
I know I would of been having a strong talk with myself as my wife was kicking my butt all the way home from the vet.
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Not to hi-jack, but the last post made me laugh.

A few years ago my cooking partner was chopping slicing and dicing on the sat of the contest and wa-laaaaaa he squeals like a little pig. Cut his thumb but good. We really did try to get him into the local vet, no joke it was 40 minutes till the first turn in.

Bad deal was the vet was on vacation so my bud left us on our own for 3 turn-ins while he was off for a 30 mile drive to get a few stitches, 12 I think it was.

He has to pay the price worse then if he was here lol, every smoke his daughter brings a plastic knife and the first aid kit. Huh, a 13 year old can sure rub it in.
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Sucks that that happened. We were just sprayin some on the coals and it didnt ignite. buck lit a stick and got it about 4 inches away from the coals and then BOOM! 4'x6' fireball shot out and before i could even blink buck was 15 feet away jumpin around. Lemme tell ya, worst trip to the er i have had to make. the smell of burnt hair was pretty intense. Well i hope for a quick recovery! and on a lighter note: personally I prefer mine extra crispy but med-rare works too. nice qview. points.gif
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Originally Posted by Buck Futta View Post

I had a bad accident with my smoker this last Wednesday.

What happened was the charcoal went out after just lighting, which is fairly common with the way the firebox on my smoker is setup. We have often resolved this by spraying a little more fluid inside and re-lighting without issue. This time, for some reason(I’m thinking had to be the cheap-o Hy-Vee brand Charcoal Lighter Fluid) it instantly vaporized and shot out a four foot wide six foot tall fireball. I know you’re thinking “you should be careful when re-lighting charcoal”, and I can tell you that we were. But I have never seen that much fire come from such a small amount of accelerant.


so was it relighting with a stick or was it instant boom from the adding lighter fluid?
either way I feel for ya dude, that sux
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Dang!  Hope you are doing ok!!  Looks so painful!

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Thanks everyone your thoughts and blessings are appreciated. The burns are feeling a bit better today; they itch like crazy but little less burning sensation. They are healing and that I am grateful for. I have a follow up appointment with the Burn Unit tomorrow; I hope they have good news when they see the healing progression. I returned to work on Sunday, it was tough staying awake since I work a desk job in IT due to the pain medication. It gives my mind something else to concentrate on besides the pain though.


To clarify, the fire in the smoker had gone out(or looked like it had). I stoked the charcoal to see if there were any coals going yet, but Dmccurry had just lit them and they were out. I just bought a fresh can of cheap-o lighter fluid from the grocery since we used the last of the Kingsford trying to start the fire. Dmccurry sprayed some on the charcoal; I lit the end of a hickory stick and went in for the “kill”, then WHOOOSH! Fire ball shot out, Dmccurry took me to the ER, and much pain ensued. And no pork was smoked. =(

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Hope you get better quickly.

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Glad to hear your healing i know its a slow process and I hope you get good news at your Dr's appointment. Again I would like to thank you for posting this thread I'm sure it wasn't easy to do but you may just save someone from doing the same thing.

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Absolutely UNREAL!   It's great of you to post to remind people what can happen.  For me, burns are the worst.  Thoughts for you on a VERY fast recovery.  

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wow dude i know that has to sting, wishing you a speedy and full recovery....when i was bout 13 i grabbed a light bulb with all of my finger tips ONCE....as wide as my fingers were and from tip to the first knuckle my fingers looked like a gecko's fingers with blisters 1/2" thick....hurt like all hell and i went through a whole tray of ice cubes....holding one with all my finger and thumb tips and as soon as it melted i had to grab another to keep the pain away...........bob



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Doing much better everyone, I took the bandages off yesterday. A little scabbing on my ring finger, which was one of the more nasty parts of the burn. Made it through the healing process with no infection and didn’t even have to use all my painkillers.


I’ll be back on the pit tomorrow, smoking up a turkey, a fatty, and some brats for my little brother’s high school grad party. I even picked up some welding gloves today so I can reach into the fire pit if needed without my pink wussy arms burning… Gotta get some sun on my skin! The doc says there should be very little scarring, a little on my knuckle. After 14-years in and out of the food service business I have plenty of scars on these hands so I’m not too worried about my future of being a “Hand Model”.


Wish me luck and an explosion free day! I’ll show those BBQ Gods whose boss!

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Thats great news glad that all has gone well with the healing process. I hope you have a great smoke!!

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