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Here are the pics I just took of the mods. I must clarify, I don't have the true ECB, I have the Gourmet as you can see from the photos below.

Thermometer and hash marks for air inlets on bottom:

Oven gasket and top vent:

Third grate I added at thermo level and in between the stock two:

Bottom (I know, I suck at using tin snips). I ended up using a 1 1/8" hole saw because that's what I had:

What started as a fire pan full of lump and 5 chunks of hickory, after about 9 hours at 225. There's a grate underneath there about an inch from the bottom of the fire pan (you can see the head of one of the bolts on the bottom right corner):

I thought the lump ended up working out pretty well. For $3/bag, it's really hard to beat. Now that I know it burns a little hotter, I'll just plan for that next time. I believe Tom noticed some high temps as well. Like the reviews say on, I think they've resolved most of their issues with the US version. It did crackle or spark a little in the chimney when it first lit, but I did not notice anything like that after it ashed over. I used about a 1/4, maybe 1/3 of a bag for almost 9 hours of good 225 degree burn. My neighbor and I split a pallet...I think the 20 bags I got are going to last me quite a while!!! Thanks again for hookin us up with that!!