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Green Onion and Gouda ABT's

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Nothing real special about this post other than this is one of my favorite ABT combo's.
Did it a little different this time by smoking them in a pan instead of on the grate as they were headed to a going away party right after. Turned out good - peppers seemed to have a lot more crunch to them this time.

15 Japs
2 packages cream cheese
1 package green onion dip mix
Smoked gouda
Rib rub
Smoked at 240 for one hour.


Batch in the pan

No finished picks, but wanted to share that the smoked gouda on top held together really nice. I love using cream cheese because it doesn't melt and mess all over the place.

Thanks for checking out my post - hope you give these a try.
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I've heard of lots of ABT combinations but never one with gouda cheese. Nice work, looks like they were a tasty treat!
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Looks awsome. I love goulda in these and the fire balls. They are good
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those look tasty!
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I'm also with theses good folks and I don't think that I have ever used or heard of anyone using gouda cheese. Now it might just taste good.... I'm glad to hear that you do and I like gouda on crackers so......
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Those look good I'll have to give it a try I like gouda I haue a friend here that makes it.
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They look Great WALLE...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Right on! Thanks, SOS!

Give'r a whirl, Mballi - I find myself using more and more gouda.

Thanks, man!
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Those look great man - I have been hung up with Chorizo - cream cheese and cheddar for a while now - gonna do my grandaughters rehersal dinner and may add some of these to the list

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Thanks for sharing a tasty treat, I think Gouda is a cheese that is often overlooked. It's all good my friend.

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I haven't tried the gouda cheese for melting, but nothing can stop me now!  Looks great, Tracey.

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That looks very good

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Great looking ABTs!

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Originally Posted by cowgirl View Post

Great looking ABTs!


Thanks, Jeanie!


Stumbling around here and found you... so I guess you're my first post on the new site!


Bassman - as we say at my house... "Gouda,  It's a GOOODA!"


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Those look great! I agree gouda cheese is great for melting.

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