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bb ribs

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getting ribs ready and smoker. little cloudy up here in Boston, but very little wind. Get a few beers and my crossword book. I hope the ball game will be on at 1. Let the games begin and a good day to all.
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First pitch 1:35, GO SOXPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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go sox - yankees suck!!!
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I like your style blades
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baseball, beer and bbq.. nice

get some pictures up of those ribs man.
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Sorry but this Florida Bot like the Yankees. I have been to many a game in the house that Ruth built. But I would like to see the ribs and hell I'll be in New York come Monday but not for a good reason thou. Qview don't forget the Qview
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its not your fault. we all have a dream.LOL
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