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4 lb boneless shoulder picnic roast........

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i want to start small with my first smoked pulled pork butt....i read a few of the butt threads and have what i need to do in my mind with the temp i need to reach, but the time frame needed in the TBS....this pork will just be dinner for my g/f and i and want to be eating no later then 7pm one day this week is the plan....i have some 6" and 7" wide 1/8" steel plate needed to make my heat shields....i will have some expanded metal to make my charcol basket plus lower my exhaust stack to the food lid mounted thermo is only 10* different from my food rack thermo when i did a dry TBS run to see what temp i could get playing with the air i just need a time frame for when to start my fire.........bob

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On average you can count on 1.5 hours per pound but you need to be prepared for a bit longer due to stall or plateau. Even if you finish a couple of hours earlier than expected, you can always wrap that bugger in some towels and stash it away in your cooler over a heating pad. I have done this with great success for up to six hours.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out for you.

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Make sure you consider time for the stall. I started two at the same time a couple weeks ago. Almost same size as yours. One finished in time for supper, the second one took an extra two hours. I started mine around 10:00 AM. Next time I'll probably go an hour earlier just to be safe. It can rest wrapped up in towels in the cooler for a couple hours and still be too hot to handle with bare hands.
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thx guys, the threads i read after i posted had some great tips and looks like i'll be starting bout 8am to play it safe for bout 6/7 pm dinner....i'll be making my charcol basket, heat shields and picking up a digi probe thermo monday....then see what day this week will be good weather/wind wise to smoke this puppy into pulled pork delight biggrin.gif ..........bob

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I would tell you to take it safe for you can leave it in the cooler for a few hours. If you are leaving in the cooler for an extended amount time I would leave a thermo meter in it and don't let it get below maybe 140° or so.
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