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Soy Powder

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Many recipes in "The Bible" call for Soy Powder as a binder and moisture retainer. Where do you guys buy yours if you use it. Is one better than onother or is soy soy?
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Rick I asked that same question when I started with sausage making and I got use dry powdered milk is trhew same thing I believe.
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Butcher & Packer is your friend biggrin.gif I really don't know if theres any difference from one to another but thats where I get mine
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Thanks Jerry will place order tonight. Hope will be in by end of week.
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I use the soy protein concentrate that I purchased from LEM. I will shop around when I'm out as theirs is more expensive than some others I've seen.
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Well I placed an order with Butcher Packer for soy concentrate and while I was at it a small lot of 30mm edible Callogen casings since I have never used them. I will probably stuff those with Keilbasa.
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I get mine from BP also. Their price on sage for breakfast sausage is good too, $4 for a 1 lb. bag - that's a lot of sage! You pay that for a 2oz shaker at the grocery store.
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I use special meat bindder from butcher and packer. Is this differnt than the soy.
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To be honest I just do not know if the special binder from BP is the same as soy concentrate.  It may be a combo of things.  I am making Italian and Kielbasa Monday.  I am using the soy concentrate in the Kielbasa only.  I will do a post and let all know how this goes.

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I can't wait to see how this sausage turns out!!

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