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Forum question

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How do I add my picture to my name?
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Don't bother. I think that will not be in the new platform---after Tuesday.

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Go to "User CP" up top, click on "Edit Avatar"
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I think that the new forum will allow for avatars, just not pics in the signatures. I could be wrong, though.
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You are correct the new platform will support pics in avatars but will not allow them in the signature area. The signature area may at some point support pics but it won't when we start there
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I went to an Avatar site. Google look up. Copied the URL and posted it in my Profile under the Avatar option. For a personal pic I believe you have to shrink it to a small size to be able to post it.
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I stand corrected----I thought I read no pics in signatures or Avatars.

Sin Loi,

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Should we go ahead beforehand and remove any signature pics now?
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No you do not need to remove your signature pictures. Huddler is working on upgrading the signature features in the near future.
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