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Well I know you didn't want to smoke your brisket at 350° it happens spacially if your new to that smoker. Now as far as high temp smoking I haven't done it but I have read alot about it too. Then I also would say to foil it and I would take the brisket to maybe 195° for slicing and 205° for pulling and if you take it out of the foil for the hour or so to let the bark harden maybe you should just leave it out of the foil all together. Then you can pull it at about 195° and you will have a good hard and thick crust/bark what ever.
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I'm really curious about how "THE WORLD'S FASTEST BRISKET" is gonna come out. I hope that it's edible and not too dry.
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Thread Starter was not that great. the outer edges were good, as the smoke ring penetrated to them but barely anywhere else (did not use nearly as many woodchips as first time which was a big mistake). but a lot of the meat was spongy and flavorless. certainly a failure. took it out at 205 internal temp

my pork shoulder was kind of spongy too, but had a ton of flavor.

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yea, for those interested in trying to cook brisket on high, id suggest againt it unless youve got some other strategy. this certainly wasnt the best result.
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Sorry to hear that, bro. It's a lot easier to mess up a brisket than a pork shoulder -- they have tons of flavor pretty much no matter what you do to them.

Maybe do a dry burn or two so you can get those temps under control and use a water pan if you didn't this time (it will help bring down the temp -- I don't know why I forgot about that earlier, sorry). Those temps were just way too high to expect proper results. I was hoping that we could kind of salvage it, but at least you didn't have a $30 chunk of brisket in there to lose.

Better luck next time -- once you get the hang of the smoker, you'll be kicking out competition-grade stuff in no time!
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Yeah, even the "hot and fast" method is only at 250*, not 350*
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Pretty sure it was just however it ended up getting smoked this time for you and not the high heat method itself, I can vouch for some successful BBQ done with HH smoking of meats.
Hell look at Myron Mixon, love him or not the main is a World champion BBQ master and he smokes at 325-350.
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I know it's too late now but this is the thread to the high temp brisket- for future reference
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thats exactly why ive started with half cuts of meat, because im still getting the hang of it.

and i think ive discovered the problem. way to much lit charcoal to start off with. wmarkw, the guy who showed me this smoker and has the same one, has given me advice on how he goes about starting up his smoker and getting it to proper temp. i think i should be good from now on, and hopefully can really get some good barbecue.
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hmmm, funny thing about that is the only thing i can see he did differently from me was cook it in the pan
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propably so, im sure there are plenty of things he does when cooking high heat that just werent in my strategical plans at all
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actually after having just eaten some leftovers,, it was actually tasting pretty good. for some reason after being pulled and sitting in some sacue in the fridge it actually tastes pretty good.
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I don't think 250° is considered "high heat". It's just at the top of the recommended range of 225° to 250°. Lots of folks smoke around the 240s as standard practice.

I think for high heat you're talking in the 300s at least. Here's an example.

Haven't tried this (yet) but I'm pretty sure high heat in the 300s works better on larger cuts of meat. For a 2.75 pound flat, it was probably way too hot though.

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I don't see the ash pan. Did yours come with one? I know you have a post about high temps. Is the bottom closed off or something? I thought that model came with an "Ash Pan". Am I missing something?
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That "high heat" method is a bit different from what I've considered to be a "hot and fast" method.

This is what I call a "hot and fast" method. It was given to me by an Angus rancher when I bought my first brisket from him:

You take a trimmed brisket (not a packer) and smoke it at 250* for 3 hours, then foil it for another 2 hours. The IT should be around 185*-ish at this point, so you can leave it in a little longer to reach 195* for slicing or 205* for pulling.

I guess that it's more "fast" than "hot", but it works well.
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I'm happy to hear that! All was not lost, then. smile.gif
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Yep, I'd agree that brisket in 5 hours is fast. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Dependent on size of course. wink.gif

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yea i does have an ash pan, im not sure why that photo doesnt have it.

and as far as the high temps go i have a new strategy based upon advice given to me from an other owner of this model
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yea, it wasnt. but it still wadnt quite right.

heres a question though, is it possible to get bark on a small cut of meat like that? how long does it take for bark to form?
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