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Brisket high smoking temp?

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im smoking a brisket in this smoker, and get get the temps below 350 or so. im using the minion method, perhaps i started with too much lit charcoal. anyway, how will this affect the taste of the brisket, being cooked at such a high temp?
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Never gone as high as 350 on one but have done up to 325, just keep an eye on it, spritz or baste more often and it should come out fine.
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Sorry jjw, I can't remember the details but I believe that there is a couple threads here that talk about running there brisket way on the hot side for a much shorter time and it coming out great. Hopefully someone will offer up the details before long.

I really want to try it hot and fast once for myself just to see how it turns out.

Good Luck and have a great day.

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I've done them hot and fast but at 250* -- not that high. I'd foil it when the IT gets around 165*.
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well id like for temp to be lower, but cant seem to figure that out. but what is the purpose of foiling, is that for retaining moisture?

also i marinated it for about 14 hours, will that keep it moist in such an environment?
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thanks, i hope youre right.
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Yes, and the marinade should help, too.

If it's cooking too fast you might not get much bark, though.

I can't help you with getting the temps down...mine is electric.

Good luck
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well do you think i could cook it longer for that, maybe to 190? or would that dry it out
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You'll want to bring it to 190 anyway for slicing.
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I think that it would dry out unless you get it in the foil around 165*

Maybe not if you've been keeping it spritzed well, but I'd still foil it just to be sure.
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Yeah, but in the foil with it cooking that fast. Foiling it really works for keeping it moist. Actually, you can take it to 195 for slicing.
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Didn't know exactly what he was asking I guess.
Foiling is a good option for keeping it moist but if possible I would remove from the foil and back onto the smoker for the last 10 degrees or so to firm the bark back up.

Hope all turns out well for you PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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ok i just foiled at about 175. so maybe leave it like that for an hour or so til it gets up to 185 and then let up (hopefully) bark up a bit to 195 (if thats not too high)?

or should i just unfoil now and let cook the rest of the way without foil
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Wow. After only 1.5 hours? That's twice as fast!

I'm guessing that it doesn't have any kind of bark on it at this point. So it's really your call on whether or not to foil it. Personally, I'd rather have it not dried out than have no bark. At this rate I don't think that you'll get much bark either way because it's probably only going to take another hour to finish.
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this is a very small brisket, only 2.75 pounds. thats why its probably going fast.

and its barking a little on the edges but i agree, i want tender meat. do you think an hour of foiling is enough? i want it to be tender, but not mushy.

i actually like pulled brisket, will i be able to at 195? at what internal temp am i risking it being completely dried out.

thanks by the way for answering questions
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Oh, ok that is a small one. Yeah an hour should be fine then you could take off the foil and put it back in like Fire It Up said. It should bark up some more.

If you want to pull it then I'd take it to 205. Just be sure to spritz it after you take it back out of the foil. Save the juices from the foil to add back into it after you pull it, too. I think that it'll be ok and not too dry.
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That seems pretty high too me. I have never done a brisket above 230, and I prefer 200-220. Deffnetly foil when IT temp reached 165 or so. And Take pics, and let us know how it all turns out.... Have fun!
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well like said earlier, that wasnt the intended temp, although it has dropped about 25 degrees. im still getting used to this smoker, only my second time using it and ive got to figure out how better to keep the temps down.

but ill take a pic or two
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sounds like a plan.
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I do not have one of thouse smokers but have read excellent reviews of it. I'm sure after a smoke or two you'll get it just fine.. I know others whom do have it, are able to keep there temp in the range they want.... Just another reason that smoking is so fun.... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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