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Early Morning Pork Butt - Q-view

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So my wife invited some friends over this (Sat) evening and I have an approx 6-7 lb butt from Costco that I'm going to make. Well I figured since it came in a 2-pack about 13 lbs that one would weigh 6-7 and that I'm looking at least 12 hours....so I set the alarm and got up at 2:30 to get it on the smoker! Doesn't count as an all-righter but boy is it early - lot of interesting sounds outside this time of the morning!! Anyway, I thought I would start with some Q-view with more to come later. I plan on putting on a chuckie as well (rubbed with basic salt, pepper, garlic, paprika and beer marinade) - probably around 8 or 9 am as the last one I did took about 7 hours (will have Q-view of that too!). Maybe some chicken later as well - put the butt up high and will do so with the chuckie so if I throw in some chicken it will be on the lowest rack.

The butt is rubbed with yellow mustard and then Jeff's rub which I bought yesterday in anticipation and after reading all the good things about it! Plan on spritzing with a mixture of apple juice and rum. I want to make Jeff's sauce too - would that be a good complement to the butt or would I be better with a more traditional Carolina vinegar based sauce....or is it just a matter of taste? Anyway, off to catch a few more ZZZZ's for an hour!

Pork Butt with rub ready to go on the smoker:

6 hours in and were at 150 or so!

Put the chuckie in at that time as well (Took 7+ hours last time I did one)

Picture of the cast iron skillet on top of the fire pan (the hickory chunks have been working really well)

Planning on going to get the fixin's for coleslaw and maybe a pasta or potato salad.....and of course some beans (taking the easy way and using Bush's)

Getting a bit nervous now - been sitting at 150* or so for couple hours now - at about 11 hours total! Glad I put in early!

OK - here is the final result Q-view. Everything came out great! Not a lot of leftover's - guess I need to make more next time! Threw in the q-view for the chuckie, chicken breast and slaw here as well to keep it one thread. Thanks for all the help and advice!

Final Butt - finished in oven and took to 206*

Partially pulled

Pulled and served - came apart with 2 dinner forks!

Chuckie - took it to 203 but decided to slice

Some chicken breasts

Homemade slaw

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Looks very good!

Not much I can add, as I haven't done one yet (hopefully next week). Good luck, and don't fall asleep!! icon_redface.gif
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I did one a couple weeks ago using Jeffs rub and sauce, apple juice and southern comfort for spritz. It turned out awsome. I also recommend SoFlaQuers finishing sauce after you pull it adds something special. You can find the recipe in the pork section stickys.
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Thats looking good! I have an 8lber that will be goin on in about an hour once I clear the cobwebs outta my head.
What temp are you cooking at?
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Looking good. Enjoy your day of smoking....
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Thanks all! And to everyone else smoking today - have fun yourself! I'm at about 250 or so - at least it seems to be holding around there based on the oven thermometer I have hanging from the grate.

I have a manual meat thermometer in mine and I'm at about 135 right around 4 hours so I think it's moving along OK! Will definitely check out the finishing sauces in the sticky!
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looks great....7 hours should do it
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Lookin good!
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Looks Good So Far, Keep the Qview Coming...
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Now everything looks great so far so keep up the ood work and I will stop back in later to check on you and the food.
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So I'm at 13 1/2 hrs and the temp is still not really climbing at about 160-165 - guests are coming for 6:30 and I would like the butt to rest a bit so I think I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and finish in the oven!
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Welcome to the stall!

I'd doublecheck with a different thermometer if possible but you are on the right track.
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Yeah, sounds like you hit a real good stall. You can foil it at 165 and put it in a 275* oven to speed things up.
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Thanks guys! I guess they can REALLY stall sometimes! It's in the oven now and at 176 - we're getting there! I think it's gonna be worth the wait though. Pulled the chuckie at 205 and that's now in the cooler!
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RC - looking forward to the end result. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Yepper it oven time for the guest are coming soon. Thats the only reason I would tell you that.
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Final q-view in updated first post - thanks to everyone for their help! Needless to say time to get some sleep tonight!!
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hope yours turned out as good as mine!
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It did come out real good - I think everyone liked it based on barely any leftovers! Definitely worth the time.
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Looks fantastic rc! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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