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My Craigs List find

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Could anyone help me out here.

Today I picked up this brinkman today for 20 bucks.

There is the heat element at the bottom, and there is only 2 places for the grates to hang. Do the two pans stack somehow? I assume the tiny pan is for the wood chips.

Can I also assume that since there is such a large gap around the lid that I would need to place a vent in the lid and seal up where the lid meets the can.

Sorry for the questions, I have never even looked at one of these but for 20 bucks I had to buy it. I can always give the stainless material a new home on another project.

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Somewhere on that smoker there should be a model name/number/serial number/etc. Take that info and do a google search of "brinkman name/number/serial number owner manual". You should find an online owners manual that will answer your questions.
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Hey QueBall,

Just call me the slow kid, lol. I never even thought about looking for a model or serial. Thank You Sir. I will get after that tomorrow and post up what I have.

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Here is a link to what looks to be your new smoker, nice find !!! If you do not like the electric, charcoal will always work.

Here is a link to Brinkmann's owners manuals you can download. I do not see yours, pick one that looks similar or maybe contact their customer service for more info.
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Closest thing I seen was for their charcoal one, and it looks like the water pan sits on the same hooks as the bottom grill, so basically the bottom grill sit on the water pan. At least that's what I found.
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Going gas is another option if you choose to change it up.
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I was looking at that on Craig's list thinking it was a good deal, glad someone here got it.

The water pan should have the same clips to hold it as the shelves. The Charcoal pan goes on the bottom or sits on the element.
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and the gaps on the lid are the way its designed to let the smoke out since you will notice there are no holes in the lid. its not supposed to be air tight.
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Thanks guys, I wondered about the pan sitting right on the heat element. Its a shame all that smoke comes out around the lid, its stainless and could look really good for a long time. I'm thinkin I should change it up a little bit.

The stainless is what caught my eye on CL. I e-mailed him thur night, he text back and said he was home and that he was going to have to offer it on first come first serve. I called my boss and had him go pick it up for me, did I mention how great of a boss I have. biggrin.gif
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Now that was a real find for 20. bucks. Congrats.
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