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Stupid question about ribs

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O.K., I'm feeling really dumb for asking this, but are the "pork loin back ribs" on sale at Costco baby backs? The place where I usually buy my meat just calls them baby backs, but Costco wants to confuse me. icon_redface.gif

Feeling dumb,

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Yes, and the ones I have gotten at Costco have been very meaty and very tasty!
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To the best of my knowledge they are the same thing.
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I asked this same question of a butcher. His reply was that "pork back ribs" are what is commonly referred to (around here, anyway) as "baby" back ribs. There are other rib cuts, but, if you lived here, the answer would be yes.
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Also the Costco BBs have their membrane preremoved.
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As said they are the same thing, most of the time they label them baby backs, odd they had them labeled as loin back.
I once heard that a "true" baby back needs to be under 1.25lbs but that was ages ago.
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Cool! Thanks for the info everybody. I was lucky enough to be buying my meat from a butcher who sold ribs sans membrane, but Costco is cheaper, and they too are also without membrane. What a happy day! icon_smile.gif
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Yeah same thing.. True 'baby backs' are under a certain weight.. but to me they are baby backs no matter what they weigh
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