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brining trout

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going to pick up some trout today for a saturday smoke how long do i brine them? i have read a few that say only a hr is this correct??
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I never brine fish. I'll marinate in a non acidic marinade though. If you use a acidic marinade keep it short or the acid will start to "cook" the fish.
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Yes I would only brine the fish for a short time maybe a hour to hour and a half maybe. The fish is so thin and it will turn to mush in no time too.
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I'm with FlaGriller (Jim) on this one. I never brine fish. Not even cheaper fish like catfish (although I VERY rarely eat them). Why not just enjoy the tasty Trout? biggrin.gif

FWIW, to change things up, go to a local Spanish/Mexican grocery store and pick up some fresh/frozen Banana leaves - and wrap the fillet in one. Apply tasteful spices/marinade and seal the leaf and leave on grill for a little while. VERY good.
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