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looking for alder

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willing to trade some real thin wood for some alder each piece of my wood will be numbered and even have serial numbers on it my wood also looks pretty green but if you put a match to it , it will burn rather fast let me know what you have!
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If you have a store in your area that deal with "Do it best" then you can most likely have some alder shipped to the store with free shipping.
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could you explain a little more please?
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Ummm.... I'm a little more cornfused about the wood being numbered/serial numbered. 'splain please.
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There is an online site

They partner with hundreds of hardware stores around the country and if you have one of the stores that they work with in your area you can order things like wood or whatever else from their website and have it sent to the store, you pay for it online, they ship it to the store and when it comes in you just go in and pick it up.
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my wood that i have to offer in trade for alder is money thats the "numbered,serial numbers" ....was trying to be funny ha ha
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ok im sorry but still confused????? are you saying you have some and can send it via "do it best" or can i buy alder wood @ do it best stores????
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Where in Indiana are you? I'm south of Chicago and can call my wood guy to see if he has any.
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You can buy it from them and have it shipped but for alder all they carry are chips.

If you are able to hook up with Rick's wood guy then I would try that but if not ordering is always an option...if there is a store close.
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northwest indiana (michigan city)
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Your about 2 hours from me. There has to be someone in your area that sells firewood. Call them and see if they have alder.
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