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ECB Water Pan

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Do I need to always use the water pan? I'm going to do the mod to raise the lower cooking grate so the temps between the two grid are closer. I still feel the bottom grid will be lower. Any thoughts on this subject?
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The ECB is a water smoker so yeah-put water in the pan. The other option is to put clean sand in the pan and then cover the sand with aluminum foil to help keep the sand clean.

If your aiming to get higher temps by not using water in the pan, by all means leave the pan in place as it will diffuse the heat. I've left the pan out before and ended up with the food charred black in the center of the grate.

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Thanks Dutch, that's sorta' what I figured.
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The bottom grate on my ECB Gourmet is the hot one. Half way through the smoke to move the bottom grate to the top and top to the bottom to get even cooking.icon_cool.gif
Yes, just put water in the pan, makes meat more moist due to the water evaporating.
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Well it is really a heat sink, does add some moisture, but very little. There to keep the temps stable. Without, you'd be grilling. Take it out and watch the temps shoot up. Sand allows you higher and more consistent temps than water does.
Actually in my ECB the top grate is the hottest. Considering the dome traps the heat as heat rises.
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