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ABT heads-up

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Just a heads up on a el-cheapo ABT rack at Meijer.

It comes with a jalapeno corer too. Way too small for my usual order but kinda neat. $5.99.

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the corer alone is worth it imo.
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I bought 2 of those...the holes are too small for most of the jalepenos, but the corer sold it for me.
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I may buy a couple too.

Got the one from BPS and it's for xLarge Jalepeno's. For $16 you get 30ish holes and a corer.
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you guys like this kind of corer i"ve never used one??
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Both look good but I like my ABt's in the boat style myself.
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I have been looking for one of those. What section do they keep those?
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I'm partial to Jap. boats too but it looked cool.

I found the rack one in the grilling section. The brand is Grand Gourmet.

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Thanks Bob. Heading there tomorrow.
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