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tough brisket

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I smoked a 7 lb brisket (with a Dr Pepper marinade/glaze) last weekend for my little brother's graduation party, and the thicker part of the flat came out tough. I set my GOSM to around 225, and smoked it until the internal temp hit 195, which took around 16 hours.

The burnt ends where a little overdone, but the part between the tip and thick flat was perfect.

So, what did I do wrong?

Anyway, pictures here:
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did you let it rest before you sliced it? When I take my briskets out I always through them in a cooler for a couple of hours. Also when you pick your brisket out pick one that you can fold in half with little or no resistance. You may not have done anything wrong, you may have just got a bad brisket.
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Did you not spritz it?
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Spritz? Hmmmmm.........sounds...nevermind.
I've never heard of spraying water on my brisket...Mine are always nice and easy to cut. fall apart almost...

I would say the connective tissue didnt all melt away. But from the picture I could somehow tell it looked tough. Or as mentioned, could have been a bad brisket.

Did it taste funny?
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Resting any cut always helps, especially if it's foiled.
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Yup... my 11+ lb. brisket was perfect. I ran it till it hit 178, the foiled it in a pan till it hit 190. Then wrapped in heavy duty foil and tossed into a towel filled cooler for 2 hrs.
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I let it rest for an hour. It was wrapped during the rest, but not while it was smoking. Should I wrap it around 175 next time?

It tasted fine. I didn't know about the fold test. Thanks for that!
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