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question about packing full a wsm

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Hey everyone,
I am planning a smoke for memorial day weekend, I am hoping to do 6 racks of BBs, dutchs beans, and maybe some ABT's if I get ambitious, I am thinking about how I am going to get all of that on the smoker, and im not 100% sure how I can do that, I have a 18 inch WSM.

I am planning on getting some rib racks, I dont have any yet but I am looking at the charbroil racks, 10 bucks and hold 7 half racks, but that would be both grates right there, I could do the ABTs around the racks, and beans in the oven, is that going to be the best way?

Anyone have any other creative ideas? I would like to do all of this in one cook if possible.

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Read this article
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6 racks of BB?


I tried in my 18 with a rib rack. I THINK I have the charbroiler one, and if so I did not like it for BB. Reason being the BB curve had me forcing the racks open to get them in, and then they were hard to get out. I also cut them in 1/2 to have everything fit, otherwise they were too long.

Are you doing 2-2-1 or 6 hour straight?

3 racks cut in 1/2 on a rack plus beans on the bottom, ABTs around the rack of ribs... might work. Its just a lot of grill space needed.

I'm going to try 4 butts , 5-6 lbs in my 18 this weekend, so I'll be right there using ever last square inch.
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I have a buddy who did 10 slabs on 2 rib racks on his 18.5" WSM.

6 up top, and 4 down low. No cutting the ribs, etc.

Sounds like if you can do that you would have the whole bottom rack for the beans, and ABT's
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back before i got my WSM I did a few racks of ribs on my weber kettle. I took 3 racks of baby backs and layed them flat one on top of the other. Every hour I would go out, put the top one on the bottom of the stack, and spritz them. They came out great that way and took up no space at all. Course you couldn't do that very easily on the bottom rack, with the flipping and stuff, but definitely on the top rack.
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I have done that on my old gas grill... saw it on some Foodnetwork show on BBQing.. lol.

As for fitting all the food into the 18" WSM. You could get all the ribs on 3 top, 3 bottom, cook them till they are done. Pull and foil the ribs, then toss them into the cooler to rest. While the ribs are resting put your beans on the bottom and the ABT's on the uppper. Beans and ABT's should be done in two hrs., and ribs will have had a good chance to rest and redistribute moisture, but will still be piping hot. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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great replies everyone lots of ideas, im doing one cook this weekend, then the big one for memorial day, I will try some of your ideas this weekend and see what works best.
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have been doing some more looking around and found this picture on TVWB it is from 07 so before the 22 inch WSM

it looks like that should be able to fit them all no problem. I have changed plans a bit and I am doing the beans earlier in the day so will have a bit of extra room.

I have only done the 2-2-1 method..actually closer to 2-1.5-1 and feel most comfortable cooking that way instead of just like 5 hours straight. If I was to cook them that way, with the half racks rolled like that with the bamboo skewers do you all think I would be able to foil them without any major issues?

Any other thoughts?

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Read the data towards the bottom of the page describing the differences in temp at the middle grate versus the top grate. It might make a difference in your finished product. Good luck!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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