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where's my smoke ring

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I am just wondering why i never have a pronounced(or even visual)smoke ring on any of my foods. However when i smoke chicken the meat is pink under the skin but just a thin thin layer. I use an electric smoker and go through plenty of chips and chunks and have nice TBS and the food always has a great smokey flavor. I have no complaints on the foods taste i would just like to get that RING that i see so often on here. I know people say add a piece of charcoal to the chips but i dont like the taste of charcoal, is there any way to get that ring without the charcoal. thanks.

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I never really got much of a smoke ring with my Bradley electric either. Tasted great, just no ring.
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A smoke ring is a chemical reaction caused by nitrogen dioxide through the burning of fossil fules such as charcoal, propane and wood. Electrical smokers do not burn fossil fuels (at least not at you house but maybe at a power plant) so no chemical reaction takes place with NO2. If you burned enough chips you would get a smoke ring but you would have to burn enough where the heat was being produced from the burning chips and that would cause you meat to taste bitter. The good news is the smoke ring has no effect on flavor.
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You can rub with Tenderquick for a short time, maybe 30 min and that might do it. Rinse before smoking.
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Alrighty Mr. Science, where did you learn this?PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif i have alwaysed wondered why the smoke ring didn't appear in the electric smoekrs. I would like to read that for myself. Points for knowing that PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Try here. You;l have to scroll down a little...some other good reading here also.
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Hey Ron,
I thought about that, but wouldn't that be surface cure with a little entry, instead of an actual smoke ring. I decided not to do it, but I was just wondering.

I don't notice the smoke ring not being there anyway, because I like smoked meat so much my eyes are usually partly closed while eating.biggrin.gif

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one of the reasons the smoke ring isnt taken into the judging for competitions is because things like tenderquick. aka. tricks to produce/enhance a smoke ring chemically not naturally.

Tenderquick & the nitrites it contains arn't something to be ingested in large quantities, unless you like cancer..

with all the cured foods(bacon), sausage, hotdogs, etc. I think we probably all eat, sprinkling tenderquick on some ribs to get a smoke ring is kind of careless. Want a smoke ring? get a wood, charcoal, or gas smoker. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Not sure but try it and see.
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Well I am a science teacher but I would be lying if I did not tell you I learned it from watching Alton Brown on the food network. Chemistry is fun when it is not you who is taking the tests.
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LOL, I guess that's the same Alton Brown, who makes bacon without using cure. I used to like watching him, until he did that. Now I wonder what else he's wrong on.

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I like Alton but the man knows nothing about preparing/eating artichokes.

To get a smoke ring in a watt burner without TQ just add a briquette or two to your chip tray while smoking.
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Thanks for the replys. I guess it dosent matter much if i have one or not(smoke ring) as long as the taste is there, and it is. If i need to put a briquette of charcole in my chip pan to have a ring i think i will just go without . Like i said the food taste great, i just wondered why i wasn't getting that ring. Now i know thanks for the input.

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Funny, the best info again comes from an ex member
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Who might that be? Richtee isn't banned...
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Be careful with this...

I had the exact same issue, so I went with a WSM, then well... mass addiction... then brining ... then pastrami then a SnP.... :D
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Use lump charcoal instead. Small pieces work best, gravel to golf-ball sized. I do it every time.

Don't know if you've tried lump before, but I'd be very surprised to find someone who likes the smell/taste of hardwood smoke but not that of hardwood lump charcoal. Kind of a contradiction really.
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