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Good BUT!!!

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This was my first attempt at Pulled Pork. (it was a small pork butt) It started off great

Attachment 24848
Smoking Nicely
Attachment 24849
Wraped in Foil at 160

I was getting impatient, it smelled and looked so good.

Attachment 24850
quick check at temp, not ready

I took it out at 225 and it looked Awesome

Attachment 24851
Feeling like a pro right about now

Now here is where I feel something went wrong

Attachment 24852
I was pulling the pork and it did not go well. Took a while I did make some nice sauce but the pork didn't have that (stringy) look or feel to it. does anyone know what I mean?icon_redface.gificon_question.gif

Anyhow the finished meal
Attachment 24853
The Taco was delicious

I will try to look into that photo program for the next post. I know you all like that.
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Doesn't look too bad to me.

Was it dry at all?

Sometimes you have to go to 205-210° to get it to pull easy.
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you took the meat to an internal temp of 225?? or you took it out when the smoker hit 225?
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also is that a boneless butt?
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Double check your thermometer for accuracy first off.

The pic with the thermo in the pork shows 199, which should be about right. However if it had a bone and the thermo was on the bone, it might have been an innaccurate read.

200-205 final temp should be good. Also you can cook pork butts at higher temps than 225. 250-260 is fine.
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I agree with heftySprings and I would check your thermo-meter with the boiling water trick. But you said you pulled it at 225° well for me thats a little past the temp to pull so. Now was it dry and thats whay it was hard to pull. One of the other reasons might be the piece of meat you had and the connective tissues and alot of the fat was missing and already cut out. I would try a different pork butt maybe one with the bone in and try it and see how you like that one. Believe me you will like it and you'll love the leftovers for sammies.
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I think you just brought it up past the right temp.
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OOPS! I didn't double check my info. I was rushing.

I did take it out at an internal temp of 200. Well 199.6 couldn't wait till the 200 mark.

I cooked it at a temp of 225.

Thanks. It really wasn't dry, just not what I pictured. It was boneless.
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