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Smoke something and prepare Q-view for the new forum on the 24th - Page 2

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I'm in. I think i'll do a couple beer can chickens and a butt
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Work is the curse of the drinking, err smoking man. icon_cool.gif
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Monday the 24th? Nope... thats a work night, my WSM rests during the week.

good idea though, have fun folks.
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I apologize for being a jerk. Read the sign below.

ANYWAY, is anybody else in on this? I think that I might do some ribs. I found a good Memphis rub, and I like the idea of applying brown sugar. This would be a good time to try that.
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Hmm...I'm off work Monday...and, I have a full pork loin in the freezer...and, I've been dying to do another stuffed loin. Different from the one a did a while back, though. I think I'll fillet this one into a large, thin slab instead of making a pocket...lay it all out like rolling a fattie...got a few days to figure out my fillings and rub.

OK, I think you talked me into it! Uh, wait a minute...did I just talk myself into it? LOL!!!

I'll be smokin', and runnin' photobucket's server into a melt-down! HAH-HAH-HAH!

Uh, gotta grab my loin to start a thaw!

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I'll be smokin something alright PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Looking forward to what folks decide to smoke.
Hope to see some interesting or challenging smokes from folks PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I don't know anything about that forum you're referring to but I will tell you that there are some changes. Quite a few actually and it may take a few days to get adjusted. I will tell you though that I think it will be worth it. The more I use the new forum, the more I like it.

And.. all of us will be there to answer questions that folks run into as you go along.

You guys do some smoking and we'll get the forum prepped for all that wonderful qview that'll be waitingPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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How long will the forums be down? I am sorry but I am a SMF Junkie. If you look at the, "Who's Online" you will see me there, all the time, unless the powers down.icon_mrgreen.gif
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Video streaming...I'm on it...just found my older Sony camcorder last night getting ready for the garage sale.

It'll be a 2 for 1...I'll get video of my little girl hanging out in the garage with me and some QView!

I'm thinking about some ribs, but that may take too long...

Come on folks let's rock out this new forum and give it some good stuff for it's debut!
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Same here...it's always open in a tab. smile.gif

Just a few hours, I believe. I'm not sure how they're going about it. If it were me, I'd get everything installed and set up then just switch out the index page.
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I'm looking forward to that! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I like the idea of trying something I have never done before and posting it on the newly revised site.

One problem: I have to work the day of the scheduled revamp of the site, so I won't be able to smoke that day.

Solution:I am smoking a couple of Chix and my very first fatty today. I will wait to post my QView under the new format.

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I'm in. I'm a newbie and there are a lot of things I haven't tried. I've been wanting to try pastrami. I'll have to do it this weekend and post on the 24th. It'll be fun seeing all the q-view.
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This weekend looks kinda busy but, if I can find the time I think I'll throw a pork butt on the new Horizon.
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I haven't done a fatty yet, either. I'm still building up my cholesterol tolerance by eating things that have been fried in bacon grease. tongue.gif
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You can call it "The Great American Smokeout", I will be receiving my GOSM Big Block tomorrow and will be picking up my Reverse flow from the shop today, don't know if ill be able to get any "Q" pics but at least Ill have some new smoker pics.
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No apologese neccessary. Got a thick skin from standing over the grill to much LoL.

If we can't pass a little gentle ribbing around then what's the fun?
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Thanks for having such good humor. I can get really impatient when I've been drinking. I told a guy on another forum "knock out your two front teeth, put them under your pillow, and let the Tooth Fairy solve all of your problems". He was like "are you that guy that beats everyone up at the bar?". LOL. tongue.gif
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Alas, I'm working all day Monday & won't be home til 7pm.

Maybe I'll do the smokin' on Sunday, but not post any Q-view until I get homePDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Yes, everyone. If you can't smoke on Monday, then smoke something this weekend and hold off on the Q-view for the new forum on Monday.
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