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Grilled Ribeyes W/ Qview

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Here's a few ribeyes and some pork rib snakes, I don't really know what to call them. There crosscut
porkribs. I got them all wet rubbed and made my UDS into a grill. I got a chimney of hot coals going and
tossed some mesquite chunks on there and grilled them hot and smoky. The pork ribs didnt make the final
qview, they were a snack.

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Looks great. Cut that sucker and lets see the inside :-)
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Looks great. I agree with hhookk -- let's see the smoke rings!
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yarr..them be riblets you got tharr...pirate day.
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Pssst (Sept 19th):

Although no harm in talking like a pirate every day!
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Never much cared for those riblets. Seem to dry out too quick, but everything else looks great.
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I don't like the commer******m of the actual "talk like a pirate day" so I choose to celebrate on my own time :)

ed* I don't know why it's blocking out that word, c-o-m-m-e-r-c-i-a-l-i-s-m
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Well its a little late for pics. The riblets were good just not much on them. The steaks really didnt get a smoke ring since I grilled them. They were mighty tasty.
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Yes those are some mighty fine looking GRILLED steaks you have there ME.
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Love Ribeye. I think it's my favorite piece of meat.
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I LOVE ribeyes, looks great!
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