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chuckie rub

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Hey all I always use lysanders hickory rub on everything, but Im almost out. I went to the store and purchased a rack of spare ribs, and a 3.5 pound chuck roast. Man meat is expensive right now 18.oo for a roast and ribs. Anyway I would like to make a rub for the chuckie and the ribs, anyone have a recipe they would not mind sharing. thanks again.
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I usually rub my chuckies with the same rub that I put on my brisket or just garlic/onion powder, pepper and some salt. I'm sure if you find a rib rub that grabs your eye it would probably be great on the chuckie as well. There are a ton of rib rubs out there if you can do a bit of searching.
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I like a rub where I mix some old bay and brown sugar and it's good with alittle bite and then some sweetness from the brown sugar and you will get a desend amount of bark too.
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awesome guys thanks for the quick response, I appreciate it.
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Check out the Rub section in the How-to Articles & Links by Jeff panel on the left side of this page. For chuckies, I like to go with Olive oil and Montreal Steak Seasoning as it has all kinds of good stuff in it already to go.
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Never thought of montreal steak seasoning. I always use that or the pepercorn and garlic by mccormic when im cooking up some new york strips. I will have to check that out when i go to the store to get some apple jucie for the ribs.
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I really like the Jalapeno rub I got on this forum. (do a search) I cut back on the salt and added some brown sugar.

Actually I found the link: Thank to forluvofsmoke for the recipe...
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For Pork I like a brown sugar based rub.

Beef a non-sugar rub (salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, ect.)

Chicken either one, just make sure you have a good amount of salt - helps the skin to crisp.
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