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from scratch pimento cheese

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Hi all,

I am soooo in to making stuff from scratch and being a southern gal I wanted to make some old fashioned pimentio cheese! The peppers were from my last years crop that I smoked and dried. (I reconstituted them in olive oil for a couple of days). I used four different cheeses, two were smoked, 2 were not: (I didn't smoke them, they came that way) - smoked white cheddar, smoked sharp cheddar, dubliner and monteray jack. I made the mayo from scratch, added some vidalia onion and fresh parsley. I then deep fried some tortilla's and chowed down!

Even my baby girl got in on the action:

I've been making homemade mozzarella and want to learn to smoke it. MMMmmmm.
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Very nice I'm trying to get everything I need to start making cheese. I have a lot of it but still need to make a cheese press
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Hi Squirrel,
Looks like some really great pimento cheese. My wife also makes it from scratch but yours looks and sounds like it may be a contender. Looks great. I also enjoy the scratch approach.
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Looks yummy! And I have a cat that looks just like yours.
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Wow, that looks real good. Is there anything you don't make from scratch! I noticed in your Brisket post you had some canning jars on the counter. what is in them??
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OMG does that look like a treat for both you, and the kitty! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks everybody! I like doing things the old fashioned way. BC - all those little jars on my counter (about fifty of them!) are my herbs and spices. Many of which I grow and dry myself. The ones I can't, I order from The Spice House. I like to experiment! It's fun to be retired!
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Piney - This might help. I haven't tried it, but it looks like something I can do. I like power tools!
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