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NBBD for $130?

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there's a guy in my neighborhood selling a new braunfels black diamond for $130. it's a few years old and has a little rust but it's not in bad shape. what do you think? i've been thinking about getting a SFB smoker for a while now...
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i just offered him $100 and i think he's going to take it. i'll post pics if i buy it.
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I don't know much about them, but you sparked my interest. I did some quick internet surfing and found that most people really liked their NBBD. Sounds like you may have gotten a good deal!

As with all smokers, there are a number of mods that most people seem to make. I ran across this, which may or may not be helpful. I'm not sure if there's anyone on this forum that has posted a mod thread for the NBBD...
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I love my SFB. I don't think you'd regret it for $100!
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I'm with most of the folks here offer them 100.00 buck and see what happens.
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thanks for the posts! i just got off the phone with him and he took the deal! $100. i pick it up tomorrow.
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