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Needing a good recipe for a pork loin

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I am wanting to smoke a pork loin. I can not make my mind up if I want to just put a rub on it and smoke it or if I want to stuff it and smoke it. So any info please on what would be best. Thanks
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They are both great the best idea would be to buy another one and do both ways biggrin.gif
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I haven't done alot of loins...this is a stuffed loin I did once upon a time...pretty tasty and a bit of a challenge to put together:

It's an idea, anyway. The pics are from ancient times, before I knew of Photobucket...just click on the thumbnail for a large view.

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Roll it out and stuff it. This is a good time to use up your leftovers in the fridge. Almost anything will work for stuffing..

Browned sausage
chinese food
braised cabbage
bacon pieces mixed with anything
potato pancakes.. believe me.. just adda bit of bacon fat to help keep it moist
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Inject it with apple juice, apply your favorite pork rub and smoke til done to your satisfaction. I take mine to 150F internal.
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I like them stuffed. Loins can dry out on ya easy, and stuffing them just makes for a cool presentation as well.

You've got lots of ideas below, here's another one

good luck!
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You can always try your hand at a Pork-U-Pine. Check the link out in my signature line......
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