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What a difference a smoke makes

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Hello Everyone just wanted to say thanks to all the members that help me after my first smoke disaster. My first smoke last week failed horribly, I used way too much charcoal and way too much wood and ended up with completely burn ribs and sausage, I'm using a ecb and thought the more smoke the better so after that weekend I found this wonderful site and asked lost of questions and got lots of answer and luckily I'm not the type that gets discouraged too easily. Before this weekend I did a few Mods to it ( added grill to charcoal pan and added thermometer) I couldn't finish the mods( more dampers and Big egg gasket) because I'm still waiting for a few parts. So anyway I decided to smoke another rack of ribs, this time I did the minion method with and used a lot less coals, less wood and also bought a smoker box and with being able to tell the temperature better I was very successful. Below are a few pictures the one up top ( which looks juicier) was with barbecue sauce and the one on the bottom was with a dry rub, not jeff's dry rub which I downloaded the other day to help support the site and I cant wait to try just didn't have time to get all the ingredients. Oh yeah and on side note my wife thinks I'm completely nuts for taking pictures of our food but I was so excited that they came out so well for my second smoke and cant wait to try other meats. Thanks again too all that help me with this process and all the tips.

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That's some fine looking ribs! Glad you're getting everything under control. Just have your wife browse through the forum a bit and she'll see why we all take pics of our food. biggrin.gif
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifThose ribs look tasty from here. Good for you...on not giving up. Don't worry about the Mrs. Once she gets to tasting all the great products you'll be smoking she won't mind.
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Congrats on the successful smoke! Don't worry your wife will get over the taking pictures thing. At least mine did. Just keep putting out good Q and they will love it.
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those ribs look wonderful, My family is so used to me taking pics they ask whats wrong when I do not
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Awesome job on the ribs!
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thanks everyone for the compliments, I wanted a smoker for years and finally decided to give it a try and I'm so glad I did and cant wait for my next smoke this weekend just not sure what to smoke this weekend but will do some more research on this site and see whats next.
Bassman thats a good idea, I will have her look, I thought she'd be use to it because of all the pictures I take of my fish tanks because I'm also a big aquarium buff and belong to a bunch of forums. I guess fish tanks are a little different to baby back ribs icon_smile.gif
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Lookin good Gusto!
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Looks like a great job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Recently a friend who came over to enjoy ribs and chuckies with us was quite amused as I photographed the food. He pulled out his digicam and took pics of me taking pics of our dinner!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Great job, it only gets better! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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