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Looking for a dehydrator

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Hey everyone, like the titel says I am looking for a new dehydrator. I have a cheap nesco that does the job, the problem is that it has no temp controle, and is pretty loud. The only way to turn it on or off is to either plug it in, or unplug it.
So I thought I would ask here to see if anyone had any recomendations. My budget is around 100-150, for the most part it will be used for drying meat. But my wife does like dried fruit sometimes, so I may do that from time to time..
Looking for any and all segestions... thanks as always, Duane
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Cheack out this site, I have the 3926T, with the 26 hr timer, and 9 trays, and love it. Haven't had a lick of trouble with this brand, and the fan is in the back of it, kepts it moving around all 9 trays.

They have models in your budget.
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I have a Cabela's Commercial 80L dehydrator and love it. I have used four times and it works great.
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I'm going to look into the excalibor, had alway though they were a bit on the pricey side. The comercial one from cabela's is deff above my spending range. Thank you for all you commits, keepem comming....
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I've had one of these for a lot of years. Made tons of jerky and bushels of dried fruit and vegetables. This one comes with 8 trays and is expandable to 30 trays. Works great from bottom to top.
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I made my own dehydrator that works really well and is controlled by a thermostat. I can do some pretty large quantities as well.....unfortunately my camera is broken so no pics. I found the plans they are:

The trays don't need to be polycarbonate, I thought of making a frame and attaching stainless screen over it.

I looked on the internet again and found where I got this plan...

also they had a a post about the heating element and here is where you get the element needed

The address and phone number of the ceramic heat coil provider is: Akinsun Heat Company, Inc., 1531 Burgandy Parkway, Streamwood, IL 60107, Att: Mr. Syed Musavi, Telephone: 630-289-9393. They have two models available: #CS1003-01 500W, #CS1003-02 660W. Cost is $25 each.
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Pretty amazing, wish I was gifted enough to build one like that..
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