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GOSM - water in the pan or not?

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For those of you who have a GOSM, do you add water to the drip pan or not? I've done two smokes on mine. The first was a pork butt, fatty and two slabs of spares, and I put water in the pan. The second was a couple of beer can chickens, and I didn't put water in the pan. I guess if I really wanted to know the difference I would have to smoke the same thing twice: once with water, and once without to see if there is any difference. But as of right now it just seems like an additional and unnecessary step. So, for you veterans of GOSM and propane smokers do you use water in the pan or not, and why do you, or do you not use it?

Thank you,

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Oh yeah, getting ready to put a couple of tri-tips in the smoke, and would appreciate any input/opinions on the subject.

Tri-Tip Qview later today.
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Oh yeah, in a couple of hours I'll be putting a couple of tri-tips in the smoke, and would appreciate any input/opinions on the subject.

Tri-Tip Qview later today.
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As for the water pans, I always run wet, unless smoking/drying jerky at low temps.

The water aids in keeping a more stable chamber temp by adding thermal mass. It also adds humidity to the smoke chamber, which (some may argue this) can help in smoke penetration/reaction in the meats. It also can allow for a bit more forgiving cooking environment when smoking lean cuts, such as a pork loin. Also, a dry pan with excessive heat can warp, but never remove the pan and smoke without, as it acts as a baffle to distribute the heat more evenly throughout the smoke chamber.

Can't help much with the tri-tips, as I haven't had the opportunity yet, other than being a lean cut, I'd pull them @ 140-145*, foil/towel and rest an hour or two for a juicy sliced beef treat.

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I put water in the pan for just about all my smokes
I sometimes add another drip pan with beef or chicken stock and onions and such.let it catch the drippings and use it for sauce or soup or just to add flavor. the pan that comes with the smoker is meant to have water in it to help maintain temps and make the heat more even.some folks fill the water pan with sand to help hold steady heat and then add another pan for the drippings. I also line my water pan with foil for easy cleanup
the only time I do not use a water pan is when I am smoking my polish kielbasa or salamis. then I am smokeing very low temps below 150*
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If you're talking about the water pan, I always keep it full on my big block to keep temps stable. if you're talking about adding water to an actual drip pan, I have no comment as I seldom use one.
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Very good advise to GOSM owners.
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Thanks for the input to everybody. I guess the old saying is true: you really do learn something new every day. From now on there will be water in my water pan. BTW, I really like the idea of adding chicken or beef stock to the drip pan to catch drippings for making into a sauce or stew. I'm going to have to try that.

I'll be putting the Tri-Tips into the smoker in about one hour. I'm also smoking a couple of sausage chubs and a couple of boneless skinless turkey breasts. Qview on the way.

Thanks again,

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Unk is right on. I use sand alot of the times, but more during cooler weather. The pan is there as a heat stabilizer. Chicken is not a meat that benefits from a low and slow cooking. So water pan or not, you should not see much different. With out the pan you are basically grilling. Now try doing a Chuck Roast, Tri-Tip, Ribs and such with out the pan and you may change you mind.
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I'm with Rich on this one too. I always put water in my water pan for it helps to keep the heat inside the smoker more stable I think and this is where we differ in I think it adds in the moisture in the meat too. Now alot of folks here say that it doesn't.
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The Big Block has a drip pan AND a water pan. I believe some of the smaller GOSM's do not have the drip pan. I always use water in my water pan and just let the drip pan do it's job (catch drips) and clean it out afterwards.
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I always put a water pan in my smoker also ,because I to find that it maintains the heat in the smoker, more of a consistent and even temp, I will not do without.icon_razz.gif

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