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OK it's been years since my back has allowed me to deer hunt.
A good friend of mine ,is a deer killing fool.
He had a bunch of deer burger that he gave me and asked me to come up with a red wine dry aged salami.
I have a few lbs of wild duck that I was going to throw into the mix,along with some beef fat.
My Grandfather used to do this when he was alive.
He passed years ago and I never had a chance to see him make these.
Do any of you guy's have a receipt to make dry aged salami that I can tweak a little bit,The results I am looking for is the small 6" hard cured Italian salami like Gallo or Genoa with the thick paper like white mold casing.
Thanks a bunch guys..If you could P/m me that would be awesome I don't browse this area of the forum very often and don't want to miss a reply.