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Babybacks (3) methods with pics

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Took a few weeks off ribs, needed to get back in the swing with a competition looming a couple weeks out. Worked on 3 different methods, (1) basic mustard slather and my rub, one a top secret variation, and (1) instead of using a mustard slather I used a sweet thai chili sauce, 5 spice, and rub.

Basic prep of this 3 pack from RD, rinsed with cold water, then rinsed in white vinegar. membrane removed, and rubbed.

thai slather:

all ready:

bottom rack of the WSM:

WSM top rack:

flipped and all together:

got about 1.5 hours left, should be a good supper.
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Looks great so far. Cant wait to see the finished product.
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Looking good. Glad to see you back in action.
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Sounds like a tasty comparison.

So what's the secret ingredient icon_question.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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crashed out last night, ribs were really good, especially the rack made with the sweet thai chili sauce as the slather vs the mustard. Other 2 were good as well. Pictures dowloading now.
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The slab with the sweet chili oil slather and 5 spice rub were the favorite. Simple, but just great. All were good. Tender, smokey, and a nice tug.


thanks for looking, gonna have some of these cold from the fridge in a few.
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I've been using 5 spice powder in a couple of different rubs. The one I use has cinnamon, fennel, cloves, star anise and white pepper. What are the ingredients in your formulation?
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looks perfect!!!!!
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this was the straight up 5 spice mix from Restaurant depot, no adders. I topped it off with some basic rub.
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That had to be good, excellent job
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thanks man, really meaty, and porky run of ribs.
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Unfortunately RD doesn't have any locations in Maine. The reason I ask is because I have seen 5 Spice Powder with 7 ingredients listed on the labelicon_rolleyes.gificon_question.gif.
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So how did the ones with the sarchi (chili garlic) sauce come out?? I would like to know but that stuff is really hot to. Now the other ribs look good and you didn't foil them at all did you.???
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that is funny, the only ingedient i know for sure is star anise.
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thanks mark,

it was a thai sweet chili sauce. more sweet than hot, those were really good, simple,b ut good.

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Great lookin' ribs Jim, as usual !!!!------------->>points.gif

I'm afraid to blink my eyes---you'll slip another meal past me !

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thanks man,

you havent missed much, I haventsmoked much in the past 2 weeks, kind of refreshing my batteries, and tastebuds. icon_cool.gif
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Cool stuff

As usual I learn something every time I look at one of your posts.

Where are you competing at?
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I posted the comp. info on the beans thread. PM me and Ill give you some more details, i thik there are spots still open.
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Nice ribs, how long did you cook them and at what temp? i am ready to do some more bb,s mmm
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