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Got bored, had paint

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I finished my UDS a few weeks ago, and as I cooked with it and read the forum I found additions that needed added. So I filled some bolt holes in the lid with heat RTV, added some carry handles, a 1 inch vent and cap in the back, and did some more bending and grinding on my grates for a better fit. A new coat of paint and some half assed stencil work " I'm no pro at painting,"not enough patience to wait for coats to dry enough" but all and all, I think it doesn't look badicon_cool.gif

The bullet proof defuser

Fire basket


Inside the Barrel


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That looks AWESOME!!!! If I ever build one, I will do a University of Kentucky Wildcat smoker.

Really nice work!!!!
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Wow love the set up think i will try mine that way for my next build thanks for the idea
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Nicely done!
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Yepper that uds looks more like a pds for the paint job is so nice. Pretty drum smoker but that name on it is what????? It doesn't look anything like the GATORS But youdid a really good job on it.
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nice job on the build.
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Cool paint job!
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Job well done!
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Looks Great does not matter what it is, if it has this logo on it would look great.
Nice smoker set by the way
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Looks great,

Are you using the plate over the fire to diffuse the heat or is it just there to prevent the grease from dripping in the coals?

Thanks for the pics.
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Both, it diffuses the heat, but it also steams the drippings and keeps the drum clean... just pull it out and hose it off.
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Your UDS looks great! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Great logo as well.
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indeed, a great looking smoker PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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