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big day of smoking ahead

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i just a got a 5lb pork shoulder marinated and 4 pork tenderloins marinating!! got a big day of smoking ahead tomorrow! smoking try number 2!!! the wife is off doing things with her girlfriends and so it is just me and the smoker, the garage to clean and the car to clean!!! should be a good day!!!
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Sounds like a great day.
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Have fun & make sure the qview is of the smoke & not the clean car or garage. biggrin.gif
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only a buddy, a beer, and a cigar could improve things!
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I have to agree with adiochiro3,

Smoking alone is OK sometimes but with a friend is always better. Suppose to get rain here tomorrow, I hope you have better weather then I do. Good Luck and can't wait to see the goods.
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well if anybody lives in the olympia washington area they are more than welcome to bring the beer and cigars and help me clean the garage....i mean help smoke the meat!!
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Haha! Good luck with that! Sounds like you couldn't ask for a better day! Unless of course, the little lady is going with her girlfriends to pick you out a Harley or new smoker...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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good luck with the smoke tomorrow! i've been smokin a lot of pork lately myself.
don't forget the qview!biggrin.gif
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Good luck. I would forget about cleaning anything and just sit back and enjoy the few of the smoker running :)
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