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Damn!.... Now I'm going to have to try and remember my log in password again.... lol. I have it set to remember me, so I haven't actually "logged in" in over a year..... lol.
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For what its worth Bear, I use maxthon browser and it has a screen capture tab. I know mac is different on alot of levels and not sure if maxthon even would work in that environment. But maybe mac has a feature such as this one.

When I tab to capture I have option for region, full screen, window, or current web page.

Like you have described in a later post then this quote sometimes I like to save the whole thread. In the CP I enable page size to show all post. Then when I capture the web page I get the whole thread. I save it to either Word or to my photo editor. Either place I can view the whole page by scrolling.

Not sure if this will help anyone or not but I thought I would throw out there the way I do it.

I'm gonna be like a little kid tomorrow after work, gonna run right in and see if things are up and running yet.

Good Luck to the switch over Jeff. Hey man, don't stress over it lol all good things can be fixed.
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Any news on wether we will have a chat room function????
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lol!! dont forget the pics... that be something eh, smokin half a cow!!!
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Are we now in the last hours before the BIG change???
NO second thoughts!!!
Aprox what time does it start and about 4-6hrs to complete??
A lot of folks may have with drawls in less than 2 hrs LOL

Will be waiting...
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I have a team working on this option.. it will not be integrated with the forum for now but within a few days, we will have something setup and working that will allow all you guys to login and chat as usual.
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The plan is to start at 6 AM PDT on Monday morning. They hope to have it back up and running by early evening but as with all things, it could take a little longer.

I hope everyone is a fan over at the smoking meat fan page ( as that is where I will be posting updates if I get anything throughout the day.
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Lets hope it does not go into the dreaded "stall" icon_evil.gif during the cutover
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Thanks Boss i owe ya a rack of my spares. come on down to the gathering of the cajuns and get them or i can send USPS and you take the risk???
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OK I'm ready. I changed my Facebook profile to also include Bayou Chilehead on my profile page and in searching for Bayou Chilehead. I think this is a move in the right direction. It will take some getting used to, but a good change.
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So I created a Chat room here just go there and you can chat. The good thing about this chat room is that it will be online even when the change over happens so that we can all still chat together. Hope this helps.
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Well, this is my last time logging in until after the change over to the new platform.

Thanx again to everyone that is working on it. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Are you still on schedule

Just checking how things are looking for for the conversion. Is is t still scheduled to go down sometime today?
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