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Jeff, are you bribing them with some of your blue-smoke wonders? Might really help the conversion.icon_cool.gif
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Hopefully, Jeff, you're not suffering from tornadoes! Just looked it up, it's only 5½ hrs. to Pretty Water from Fort Worth.. I could throw a hindquarter into the back of the truck and pull up about 6am and we could feed all day long on it... NY strip, Filet Mignon, Sirloin Tip roast, Top Round for London broil, bottom round and eye round roasts, flank steak, and chunk up the shank for some mean beefstock soup! Just gotta get my boss to let me off for the day (like trying to get steak out of skunk..).
Seriously, you doin' any Q for the convo-folks? You'll have to post your convo party!
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LOL... sounds like a plan Pops!!

Fortunately, we got through this one unscathed. Downed trees and the normal floods of water but safe and sound nonetheless.
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I'm ashamed to say what I bribed them with.. something about all you can eat prime rib, half a cow, an Oklahoma style luau, and that is just for startersicon_mrgreen.gif
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Something tells me we may get some new members from the Huddler crew if they have some of your Q...
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That's good news. Thank you, sir!
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The adds really don't bother me. Any web page you go to has these adds, and I really don't even see them unless it is something I am really interested in. I am looking forward to the new look. I am set in my ways and do not like change either, but have learned to except it. You have done a great job building this site with the limited funds you have had. I know people say it all the time but we really appreciate every thing you do. I trust your judgement and if you feel this is what we need to do to move the site forward I will back you 100 percent.
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This all sounds very exciting, and just a little scary (of the unknown). But as Jeff has said, change is good! I can't wait to see the new look.
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"There are a couple of features that we will not have that we are used to having.. one of them being highly customizable signature areas"

To me this will be a blessing in disguise -the folks with lots of pics in a sig dont realize how long it takes to scroll past their sigs when using a mobile device to view the forum - if at all possible I would love to see a setting where I could turn off these pics in a signature especially in the mobile mode.
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I agree. The sig pics take up too much real estate, so no love lost here (even though I have some, lol).
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you can turn off the signatures already, just go to your usercp, and the edit options tab, you can turn off seeing sig's, avatars, etc.
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Thanks Jim - that will make things much better on the mobile for sure
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curious question...

Great news that you guys are working on so many improvements to an already awesome site and resource, but I do have a question that alot of your veterans probably already know the answer to. All of the BBQ sites (smokingmeatforums, bbqbrethren, eggheadforms, thesmokering, primogrillforum) are set up with almost identical design, layout, and functionality. Why is that? Did they all originate at one site and splinter off from there? Sorry for invoking the names of what I assume are the enemy, but my curiosity finally got the best of me.
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Great point!!

I can't speak for the "other" forums.. we started as a small Yahoo group back in 2004 with me, myself and I and have built a large community of great people over the years.

There are several spin-off sites from this one.. 2 or 3 that I know of.

That is the problem with vBulletin.. I think it is very stale and really has not changed much in the last decade. The functionality is old school and while there are things you can do to make it look a little different it still has that "look".

We will be the first smoking meat site on the planet to use this new platform and that will make us ultra unique as well as bring us into the present century.

Nothing wrong with those other sites but they, like ours, need a facelift bad.
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Queastion? Will we have to reregister, or will all of our user info be saved and moved to the new forum?
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I'm pretty sure that our registration info will be transferred over to the new forum.
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Yes.. when it comes back up on the PM of 5/24, you should be able to login just as you do now.

All of your information should be there including avatars.
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I've said it before but I'll say it again ..... Sincere thanks for all you do. I've been around since the yahoo days and hope to be around long after this change. This is an outstanding forum with outstanding support (you and the moderators) and with a totally outstanding membership. I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned and how much I have enjoyed the fruits of my labor. I'm actually a hero here in my "hood." Let's Git er done!
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I havn't been here as long as 80% of the active users on this site, but I am excited for the upgrade. As a desktop software engineer I enjoy change and all the benefits and headaches that come along with it.

Thanks for everything, all your research, time and dedication. And thanks to all the admins for everything ya'll do to keep this site the best one out there!
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lets roll PDT_Armataz_01_42.gif
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