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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Sounds awesome
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I have confirmed that Premier Members WILL definitely be able to turn off the ads. We are still working on the other perks.

While I know that most of you are premier members just because you want to support the site, I also want to try to give you a few things that you will like.

I think the ability to turn off ads is a really good one for those of you who just hate the marketing side of things.

The marketing is going to be really good for the forum in a number of ways but I do realize that some of you will not like that aspect. I completely understand but now you will have a way to do something about it.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

More on this later.
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Some of the other forums I belong to give paying users the ability to change their layout and themes. I really like the theme options but honestly, I'll probably pay just to support the forum (and to turn off ads)
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I'm down with that -- it sounds like a good idea!

If you started a new thread about this it would get more attention. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I for one would be interested in the ads, esp. if it gives us good places to go for new and different Q items, seasonings, equipment, etc.; we all may find out it's a 'good' thing instead of having to look off-site for all the good doo-dads and stuff we all use! Plus, the advertisers are looking for 'hits' on their ads; the more hits the more they pay Jeff to advertise, so by frequenting the ads as much as possible you're actually supporting the site to a greater extent! The term 'profit' is no longer a dirty word and the more we can support an income stream into the site, the more security we have that it will be around for a long, long time! (I'm sure 'profit' has been out of the picture so far.. but such changes will help lessen the reverse - "LOSS"! lol!)
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I guess I'm right in assuming that everything in my recipe file, where I saved "Links" to a whole lot of recipes from all of the great smokers on this forum will go Pooof next Monday. That sucks!PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif

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I hear you, but you should copypasta everything that you like and save it.

You can't expect any web pages to stay there forever. Things change.
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Yeah---I knew that when I saved all those links, but I only get so much time on the computer, and we just took a giant change (to me) going from our PC (which we have had many in the past 10 years) to this "iMac 27". Everything is Soooo different. Now I'm just getting used to it.

As for "copy & paste"----That's fine for posts that the poster put the whole recipe & pics on his first page, but many don't cough up the things like how much of this, how long to smoke, or how high smoking temp, and when to pull, so with a link, I could go back to that post & reread the whole thing. If I wanted to copy & paste, I would have to copy & paste maybe 6 or 8 pages, until we get done interrogating the complete recipe (a little at a time) out of the original poster. That's why I try to put everything down in my posts, if the post is something I feel is worth letting people know how to do.
I'm not complaining about the change, I'm just saying most of what I saved is screwed.mad.gif

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Its my understanding that the whole database will be moved/copied to the Huddler platform so if the link works now it should continue to work there. At least thats my understanding.
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That sounds great Piney, but it sounds like a 224.

2 good 2 be 4 real.

I wish I knew that was for sure, because it could keep me from spending most of my weekend from trying to copy & paste everything I have links for. Gonna be a Butt-pain.

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Hopefully Jeff or Brain will address this as I'm not in on most of the workings of the actual change over. With that being said I do know this isn't Huddler's first or even second change over and I know they are working with both Jeff and Brian to make sure things go smooth
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Piney is correct..

All of the links should still work.. I asked about this early on and I was told that redirects would be setup so if an old link was clicked on, it would automatically make the connection to the new link and take you to it.

How well this will work is yet to be seen but I do have a fairly high confidence level based on other sites that have launched with Huddler that this will go off without a hitch
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Thanks a lot Jeff. Then I won't have to rush to copy & paste everything.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
Sounds kinda like a "forwarding address" will be used.

Thanks Again,
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Just to clear this up.. manually this would be a difficult task but we are talking about working with a database here.. they will match up tables and rows and the system will do the rest.

We will use 301 redirects most likely which also helps us maintain our good status in the search engine so that we continue to have a full time spider crawling our site and finding the new data.
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Now why couldn't I think of that? Forwarding address.. that explains it to a tee.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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LOL----You didn't think of it, because I am even less of a computer geek than you are. icon_redface.gif
A spider to me is an nasty little biting bug!

Thanks again, and best of luck on the change-over,
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I am very pleased to see this, as I was getting ready to do the ol' copy and paste. Once again, thank you Jeff and everyone else here. This is a great place to gather info and new ideas for an upstart smoker.
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As long as it is not the Drupel Platform. PDT_Armataz_01_41.gif
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Drupal it is notbiggrin.gif
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I just received absolute confirmation that all links/bookmarks will work post launch. Also all thread subscriptions will continue to work as usual.

Another good bit of information is concerning the downtime, the conversion will begin around 6AM PDT on 5/24 and should be back up sometime that evening.

We feel confident that the site will be back up and running very quickly.. so yeah, smoke something, have some pictures ready to post and all will be well.

The folks at Huddler are really going the extra mile to make sure that everything is done properly and they are being quick about answering all of our questions and concerns so that really makes me feel a lot better about this change.
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