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quick question

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should i remove the little grate in my off set firebox and start the fire on the bottom. it seems when i use the grate that i dont get a build up of hot embers from my oak and i seem to have to keep adding wood every hour to keep it at temp. any thoughts would be great. thanks
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I think if you did it like that then the fire would eventually choke itself out, that's why they have the grates raised up in sfb's.
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Building the fire on the grate allows air to get under the fire to make it burn better. If you are burning straight wood you can expect to have to add wood splits in my Lang its usually every 30-40 minutes
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thanks guys doing two briskets this sunday. have a couple of Marines comming over for meat beer and a game of wiffle ball.
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In my New Braunfels offset I even raised my firebox grate about 2 inches for better air flow under the fire, works even better for longer more controllable temps after I did it.
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